Recent Video Editing Articles

This Incredible New York City Time-Lapse May Be the Best I've Seen

Anyone who has ever been to New York City remembers their first impression, amazement, and awe. Photographer Michael Shainblum credits this feeling as one of the main reasons he got into photography in the first place. You will be glad he did when you check out this amazing three-minute tribute to the city that never sleeps.

Storyboarding: Too Useful and Too Easy Not to Do

Filmmaking requires a lot of forethought and discipline to stay organized. For those of us interested in recording our toes dipping into the proverbial water, it's a good idea to learn to storyboard. In this video, photographer Iz Harris breaks down her simple process for those new to the concept.

How to Mix Frame Rates in Video

When beginning to work with video, many new learners will struggle with choosing the correct frame rate for their projects. In this quick, but information-packed video, Gerald Undone guides us visually through what the different frame rates look like and gives suggestions on how to mix them.

Color Grading for Videos: Photoshop Does It Too

Color grading your videos can be tricky, so it's best to have an arsenal of options when one doesn't work out right. In this tutorial from YouTuber photoshopCAFE, you'll learn how to use Photoshop to digitally enhance and correct your video works.

Jordan Manley Artistically Films ‘A Skier's Journey’

If you're anything like me then you know there's nothing better than watching adventure films when you're not outside yourself. Not only does this make us more excited to get after our next outing, but it inspires motivation and new ideas for ways to document our adventures. After many hours watching climbing and skiing films, I've found that no one does it better than Jordan Manley.

Why We Love Wide Screens

Have you ever wondered why the back of your DSLR has a wide screen on it, or why your monitor at home has a landscape-orientated format? I always thought this was scientifically proven to be the best and most powerful way to watch motion on a screen, but this video shows us how wide screens became the standard.

NVIDIA and RED Unveil a GPU Solution for 8K Real-Time Editing

8K cameras are becoming more common, but computers struggle to follow this sensor race, and editing high-resolution video can be challenging. Therefore, RED and NVIDIA teamed up to announce a solution to facilitate 8K editing.

See Every Oscar Winner for Best Visual Effects Ever

Of the many categories in the Oscars, perhaps one of the most interesting for photographers and videographers is the award for Best Visual Effects. This awesome compilation shows a clip from every winner from 1929 to 2017.

The Fastest Camera Ever

If we could slow light down and see what it does in those trillionths of a second, we could answer more questions with regards to our existence itself. What exactly happens with photosynthesis and how do lasers go through glass? This video shows the answers.

Check Out This Unreal Iceland Short Film

There is no doubt that Iceland has become an incredibly popular travel destination for photographers and filmmakers in recent years. One filmmaker has taken his footage to the next level to create a stunning Iceland short film.

iPad Pro Meets OS X With Luna Display

After recently hearing that you can mirror your computer display to an iPad, I was kind of taken back in the sense that this could be very beneficial when it comes to editing. Having a dual screen interface, one being a touch screen display, is something that could speed up an editor's workflow significantly if used correctly.

Adobe Rush Video Editing: Is It Any Good?

I spent a Sunday in Paris with a friend, Jason Boone, who's made a video about Adobe Rush and what makes it such a good video editing tool. It has been presented as being easy, syncs over Adobe Creative Cloud and has a lot built in to make you a more productive editor. This video shows whether that's true.

Does a Good Computer Help in the World of Photography and Video?

For a while now I have been into computers and building them properly to handle the work I planned on doing for the next few years. About two years ago, I started to notice that the work I was doing and the cameras I was shooting on was something my computer struggled to keep up with.

Five Reasons to Avoid Fixing a Photo or Video in Post

It's a fairly common attitude in both photo and video work to just assume that a mistake during a shoot can and will be fixed in post, but that can be quite detrimental in a few ways. Here are five reasons to avoid fixing your work in post.

Why Proper Music Choice Is So Crucial to Video Work

It's crucial to understand and respect the relationship between music and visuals in order to create compelling video work. This helpful video will show you how different music choices can completely change the mood and message of your video.

Adobe Sneaks Shows Amazing Tech That Might Be Coming Soon

Every year at Adobe MAX, and sometimes in between, we are treated to the Adobe Sneaks: a series of presentations of what Adobe is doing at the most advanced levels technology can take us in order to help creators save loads of time, such as Project Fast Mask, which makes masking out any subject in a video as easy as using the Magic Wand selection tool.

Adobe Releases Premiere Pro 13

For many years, Premiere Pro has been the select video editor of choice as it integrates obviously very well with the entire Creative Suite. We'll go over some of the new features here.

Can You Use Your Talent and Acquired Skills for Good? Yes, You Can

Sam Kolder is one of the prolific YouTube creators who has gained viewership because of his editing skills, the transitions he is able to make, and style of narration and cutting footage to fit the story. In this video, he tells a story about animal conservation, and for any photographer or video producer, it should be inspiring and motivation to use your skills to do good.

Adobe Announces Premiere Rush CC

After taking the wraps off of Project Rush in June, Adobe today released the finalized version of its user-friendly video editing application as Premiere Rush CC.

The One Lens Challenge

Creative challenges not only serve to find new ways of shooting but also to push your limits when in a time crunch. Two videographers set out to challenge one another with one lens in 30 minutes on the streets of London and compare the end results .

Adobe Releases 2019 Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements

Adobe recently released their latest versions of both Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, which are entry-level versions of Photoshop and Premiere Pro. As expected, the 2019 photo and video editing versions have received a few upgrades.

A YouTuber's Guide to Editing Software

One thing that we love about the YouTube community is that people always show up to help the beginners. There are countless threads from YouTube newcomers who are unsure of how to start out, but plenty of creators with more experience are willing to lend a hand.

What's New in Adobe Premiere Pro 2019

Premiere Pro 2019 is upon us and if you’re a video producer or looking into getting into video, there are some significant changes that that you’ll find speed up your workflow.

Five Common Mistakes Made by New Videographers

Videography is a lot like photography in many ways, but there are enough differences that it can be easy to fall into making mistakes you might not have anticipated. This great video will show you five common mistakes new videographers make and what you can do to fix them.

How a Videographer Shot a Short Film on His iPhone For a Film Festival

Moment is a company who makes lenses for iPhones. They recently introduced their Anamorphic lens, and started a festival where some videographers got the opportunity to shoot whatever they wanted to. JR Alli made Disconnected on his iPhone, and this video shows how he did it.

It’s UltraWide Time!

For all you creators out there! LG understands there’s more to the final output. There’s also the “process.” All the hours spent working, toiling, creating, that no one ever sees. The endless brain-strain and ideating a creator dedicates to their goal is what makes up their UltraWide Time. Few will ever see or understand the process, where all the work and magic happen. But LG understands.

Video Transitions Pushed to Their Finest

After doing video work for a few years now, I am finally starting to look more into all these interesting transitions. In this music video, they did an incredible job using transitions as a theme throughout.

The Next Frontier for Video

Shooting video is a collaborative process. To get it ready for your client takes many steps depending on what type of video you are working on. Thanks to the post production is as enjoyable as it was when you first picked up the camera to shoot.

Five Tips to Become a Faster Video Editor

As any filmmaker knows, time is money. Falling behind on a project doesn’t just put a dent in your schedule, it can also put a dent in your income. That's why it’s so important that you have some time-saving strategies up your sleeve to ensure that if some unforeseen delay occurs, you have the ability to steer your project back on course.

Make Sure Your Frame Is Dirty for Depth

There are plenty of ways in which video and photography technique overlap. One of my favorite ways to increase interest is to add things in the foreground, and with video, this can really add a lot of motion to the scene via a parallax type effect, while for photography, it can add depth.

Ten Ways to Use Color Changing LED Lights

For quite some time one of the only way to get color effects was through gels. However, the pain of having to carry around these different gels may be a thing of the past. The staff over at B&H tested out the Luxli’s new Timpani for color changing effects in still and video photography.

How to Create Vertigo Effect With a Drone

The Vertigo Effect, also known as the dolly zoom has been a popular technique, first used by cameraman Irmin Roberts in renowned director Alfred Hitchcock’s film Vertigo. But, have you ever wondered how this effect is achieved with a drone?