11 Simple But Powerful Tricks for Better Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

The influence video has on social media and marketing is greater than ever and still growing. Here are 11 easy trick for improving your video editing in Premiere Pro.

Pivoting to more video work wasn't something I had planned on doing as soon as I did it, but once opportunity presents itself, there's no time to waste. Now it's looking as if the next year will be almost as much video as photography. Fortunately, there is a lot that carries over from photography to videography: lighting, depth of field, composition, and so on. However, there is a lot that doesn't, and that can be daunting.

One area where the workflow is largely different to what you're used to as a photographer is post production. While I had some experience in Adobe Premiere Pro, it wasn't enough to edit images at the level I was looking to, so YouTubers like Aidin Robbins become an invaluable resource. Robbins is a superb filmmaker and in this video, he gives you 11 tips that you can easily implement, and that can have a sizable impact on the quality of your work.

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