5 Adobe Premiere Pro Tricks You Need to Use

With videography taking far more of a central role in the industry than it once did, perhaps it's time to sharpen your video editing skills.

Consumer level video editing was once basic enough that it didn't have such a large hand in the quality of the final product. But, as has been true of photographer (albeit on a different time scale,) post production has now become integral to work at all levels. I remember seeing early YouTube videos from some of the most popular content creators on the platform with little to no editing. Now, even the most basic editing is far more clean and commercial; from transitions to effects, a lot of work goes into productions these days.

In this video, Armando Ferreira and Connor McCaskill go through five tricks to help you out in Adobe Premiere Pro. One of my favorite tips in this video is using a technique that standalone software was selling only a few years back: simulated slow motion. Previously, the problem with slowing a clip down to say 50%, was that it merely halved the frames per second, which looked terrible. Adobe Premiere Pro now has an option under Time Interpolation called Optical Flow which generates frames to put between the actual frames, smoothing the effect out. This won't always work perfectly as it's having to somewhat "guess" what's happening between the two actual frames and average it out, but for most shots, it works brilliantly.

What's the best tip you've ever received for video editing?

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