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Adobe Rush Video Editing: Is It Any Good?

I spent a Sunday in Paris with a friend, Jason Boone, who's made a video about Adobe Rush and what makes it such a good video editing tool. It has been presented as being easy, syncs over Adobe Creative Cloud and has a lot built in to make you a more productive editor. This video shows whether that's true. 

You can download the mobile app for iOS, and early in 2019, the Android version will be released. If you subscribe to the Creative Cloud, you'll get the mobile and desktop app included, and what Adobe tried to achieve here, is the ability to sync what is shot and edited on mobile with the desktop app, and if need be, to export to Premiere Pro for final edits. 

The Mobile App

The touch interface on the mobile app is quite intuitive and cutting and moving shots around is easy to do. Adding text, music, and using color profiles to give your video that professional feel is all done on the iPhone and it makes it a pleasure to use. 

We used my iPhone X, the Moment Wide Angle lens, and adapter and the GoPro Hero 7 Black for some hyper-lapses, and had a good time shooting. It was possible to get the shots off the GoPro directly onto the phone and import it into Rush. I can't tell you what the differences in frame rates were, but it doesn't look as though it was a problem. 

What I Think Adobe Can Improve On

I think the syncing with Creative Cloud is an issue. It's super slow and the mobile app shows it has synced when it hasn't, so an indicator showing progress will be a great update I am sure they're working on. You have the option to sync via Dropbox or Google Drive, which seems to work much faster. Other than that, the interface seems to be moving in the right direction.


If you're a stills photographer wanting to document your way of working and the environment you find yourself in using your iPhone, Rush can be useful. If you are spending a lot of time at airports or on flights, this will be a more comfortable way to work instead of getting out the laptop. It's the first release of Rush, so it can only get better from here on moving forward. 

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Wouter is a portrait and street photographer based in Paris, France. He's originally from Cape Town, South Africa. He does image retouching for clients in the beauty and fashion industry and enjoys how technology makes new ways of photography possible.

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For $10 bucks a month......not a good value for me, a kind of Adobe Monster Money Hog. Good video apps for a one-time cost. and A casual user of video projects

Isn't it part of the Creative Suite -Lightroom and Photoshop?

Only if you have the "All Apps" or Premiere plan, not the "photography" plan.

Thank you for letting me know.

When opening the 'Adobe Creative Cloud' app Adobe Premier Rush is part of the top part of the apps which are either installed or free to use. The bottom part of the list is the Trial Apps that are to be paid when trial is finished.

When it is a trial app it says so on the button on the right. When it's an included app it just says 'install' or 'installed'

If indeed the Premiere Rush is a trial app with a separate charge, Adobe is very sneaky. I just uninstalled it and checked any charges and so far I was not charged anything from Adobe.

Oh, yeah you get the "light" version for free apparently, regardless of any plan. It has limited exports, like 3. The full version costs money.

I see :-). I will stay with Hitfilm

nope have to pay extra 10 bucks for adobe premiere

Yes, it's too much on its one, but who would ever sub to just that one?

I'm still waiting a release on Android so I could test my Note 9 stylus and how efficient it can be versus my stubby fingers.

lol even their non rushed editing software isn't any good. The new Premiere crashes left and right and even though the last one didn't, this surely must be my computer.

Wait, what? Is it just me or is this almost exactly the same as iMovie for iOS? In case you're wondering the answer is yes. Magnetic timeline, simple audio/title overlays, it even looks almost identical. Except that it costs you a monthly fee vs. a one-time charge for iMovie. And iMovie has been around on iOS and Mac for... ever. Glad to see Adobe on the cutting edge.

Except that you get the benefits of Creative Cloud with Rush. I can begin chopping together a simple video on my phone, then continue on the desktop on either Premiere Rush or open the project in Premiere Pro - synced over CC.

Apps like this one, or the other mobile apps, are simply a bonus to people subscribing to the desktop applications.

You can do that with iMovie too. And you can even do it without an internet connection or cloud service using airdrop.


If you're using a Mac. Remember that a lot of people use Windows.

Thought the same thing myself.
Love FCPX, wish there was more content on Fstoppers about it.

It is a great addition to Adobe CC as when I tried it was relatively easy to use the application and it can only get better. The downtime I had with Adobe Rush on my Mac compared to Premiere Pro is it took a very long period to render and I found it disturbing as a first time user. But anyway, it would go a long way to help us to easily switch editing from a mobile to a personal computer. Kudos to the team at Adobe.

Hey there, thanks for a good review. You write that "You have the option to sync via Dropbox or Google Drive, which seems to work much faster. " but I can not find any of those options in Premiere Rush nor when I try to search for it. Any advice here? I'm sitting in PC environment.

Hello Jesper, when you're on the mobile app and you want to add media, you can do so by importing it from Dropbox. You can also toggle Dropbox as your cloud. At the top right on the app interface you'll see a gear (settings). Tap that and go to Preferences and toggle the Dropbox switch. When on the desktop app, you can browse to Dropbox folders and import the same you would in Creative Cloud. You can also import from Google Cloud like this.