Film Riot Shows How to Compose Audio in Adobe Premiere Pro

I've always had this issue with regards to the sound design of video and how to actually get something that is usable for the video you are working on. It's either getting audio from a stock library, having a friend compose something, or making it yourself. And the latter is really very time-consuming, and I'd rather focus on the stuff I enjoy and am good at, like shooting photos or video. Once I watched the latest video by Film Riot, it seems like the problem of finding audio might be over. 

Film Riot has one of the go-to Youtube channels when it comes to getting the shot. They do videos about topics ranging from After Effects compositions to building DIY dollies, and they really give insight into how shots are filmed if you're only starting out. Their latest video shows how to edit audio in Premiere Pro, which you wouldn't really ever think of doing without the handy plugin he introduces. 

Filmstro makes it possible to compose and edit audio in Adobe Premiere Pro by installing the plugin and basically composing and editing the music while watching the video, similar to what others do with Apple Logic and Final Cut. Filmstro is not just a plug-in. They have a stand-alone desktop app and an iPhone app for composing on the go

It's technology that I haven't seen anywhere else, and it's great to see it in action with video. The software is free, but the use of the audio isn't if you are monetizing the video or want to produce something for TV. The pricing is broken down really well, and the subscription will certainly cost less than getting a team together to produce the sound for you.

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