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Refreshingly Simple Video Editing With ACDSee Video Studio 4

The most common complaint with nearly all video editing software available on the market is the learning curve. Most programs lack a certain degree of intuitiveness, so any attempt to tinker leads to exasperation. That was certainly my number one frustration with past attempts to teach myself to use some of the heftier video editing suites. Enter ACDSee Video Studio 4, the answer to exacting and irritating video editing sessions.

How to Direct Like Quentin Tarantino

As still photography cameras and motion cameras continue to merge with technology, so have, to an extent, the expectations of our profession. No better way to prepare yourself for the future than to learn from the masters.

Motion Array Introduces Final Cut Pro X Templates

The demands for video production have increased exponentially as online content has boomed in recent years. The team at Motion Array understands that this puts added pressure on overworked video editors. That’s why we’re always trying to come up with tools and templates to help post-production professionals stay ahead of the curve.

Why Your Intel Computer Just Got Beaten

For videographers and photographers, a good computer can mean the difference between struggling and success during post-processing. A combination of announcements means your Intel powered computer is no longer the best tool for the job.

Sizing Your Video for Your Target Audience in DaVinci Resolve

Considering your target audience when creating content is one of the most crucial aspects of any marketing strategy. That's why creators need to find out exactly who the majority of their viewers are when making and editing material.

Easy Clutter Removal for YouTube Videos

As a fledgling YouTuber myself, I'm always interested in tips and tricks that can make my videos more professional looking. If you're like me and struggle with keeping your "set" neat and tidy, this video from Drone Film Guide may be just the ticket!

Mac Pro 2019: Read This Before You Buy It

If you haven’t already heard, Apple recently announced the 2019 Mac Pro. Besides the base model being insanely expensive, there are also a few other things you should be aware of before you consider buying the 2019 Mac Pro.

The Definitive Guide to Video Frame Rates

Whether you’re shooting on a cellphone or a RED cinema camera, picking the right frame rate is essential for a good finished video. Here’s a guide to choosing the right frame rate for any purpose.

Will an External GPU Revolutionize Your Photography and Video Workflow?

Laptops have severe limitations when it comes to throwing graphics around, lacking the big, fan-cooled processors that are often a feature of desktop machines. What if you could keep the mobility of your laptop and plug into an external GPU when you need to render graphics or export your content? Could this be a game changer when it comes to your workflow?

Four Color Grading Mistakes Amateurs Often Make

A lot goes into making a video look professional, and one of the final and most important steps is the color grade. It's easy to make a mistake here, and this great video will highlight four such missteps that new videographers often make when it comes time to color grade.

Are Apple Macs Slower? It May Be Time to Switch to Windows

The Apple versus Windows discussion tends to get some strong opinions from both sides. Many creatives swear by Apple and consider them to be the only option, and this is mostly due to the operating system. Preferences aside, it would seem that Macs are sometimes the slower and worse option for creatives.

Five Low-Budget Filmmaking Techniques That Increase the Production Value

Having a low budget is not a restraint for making a great looking film. In our hands we have recording devices that have been a dream for young filmmakers in the past. In this video you will learn several tricks that will help you overcome your budget limitation achieving the same effect on your audience as if you had more resources to make it "for real."

Tested: Premiere Pro 2019 is Significantly Smoother

I ran some tests over the weekend with different versions of Premiere Pro, and realized that the latest version is able to scrub through footage far faster. It’s definitely worth the upgrade.

New Video Editor on the Block: A Look at Filmora's Pro

There are dozens of options in the video-editing software space. There's a new entrant, Wondershare’s FilmoraPro, which promises pro-grade tools and features without a pro-grade price.

Fstoppers Reviews the Movavi Video Suite 18

As someone who has previously used the Movavi Video Editor 15, I was really interested to see what the full suite had on offer. After using the Movavi Video Suite to edit some of the videos that I recently posted on YouTube, I have to say I'm quite impressed.

Finally, a Solution to Make LUT Selection an Easy Process

When using LUTs, one of the biggest problems is that many apps won't let you preview what they do before applying it. This makes the LUT choice and application slow and very unpractical. That was until Lutify came out with a solution!

Has Adobe Creative Cloud Become Bloatware?

Since moving to the Creative Cloud software-as-a-service model, Adobe has been providing several feature updates per year to its software. But these features have come at a cost of ever-increasing system requirements, begging the question: Is it worth it?

Loupedeck+ Now Supports Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition

Loupedeck+ is a photo and video editing console built to speed up workflows by placing all the controls right at your fingertips. As its next step in productivity, Apple Final Cut Pro and Adobe Audition are now being integrated.

How to Mix Slow Motion and Time-Lapse in One Shot Using After Effects

You’ve probably seen footage that creates an impossible blend of fast-flowing traffic or streaming clouds combined with someone walking slow motion and there’s some funky editing that goes into making it happen. Time-lapse photographer and filmmaker Matthew Vandeputte has put together a short tutorial on how you can create the same effect.

Make Your Next Travel Video Shine With These Five Editing Tips

Creating cinematic travel videos can be a rewarding way to share your experience of visiting a new place. Once you've returned from your trip and have all your footage loaded into the video editor, here are five tips to help create your best work.

Two Tricks on How to Enhance Your Image in Post

What happens when you can't "get it right in camera"? There are different scenarios when you have to shoot the subject with what's available at that moment. What can you do afterward to improve the shot?

Tips for Shooting Vertical Video as a Pro

With most website traffic overwhelmingly coming from smartphones, a client is going to ask for portrait content sooner or later. How can you avoid the major pitfalls?

You Need to Know This Video Transition

While there are a seemingly infinite number of creative video transitions you can incorporate in your projects, learning the fundamentals first is essential. Check out this great video to learn how to use the J Cut.

Ten Easy Ways to Improve Your YouTube Videos

In today's competitive marketplace, successful photographers are finding themselves creating more and more content that isn't strictly photo based. Platforms like YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are reaching more and more people with video content. In today's article, I outline 10 simple tips you can use to polish your video content.

This Budget Bullet Time Effect is Simple and Impressive

When the new technique called bullet time debuted 20 years ago with the movie "The Matrix," the effect was so different and mind-blowing that it raised the bar for outside the box camera effects. A couple practice runs, a group of boys playing basketball, and a clever cameraman was all it took to pull off this big budget effect without even opening a wallet.

How to Dolly Zoom Without a Dolly or a Zoom Lens

The "dolly zoom" or "zolly" was made famous by Hitchcock in the movie "Vertigo" and since then has been used in countless Hollywood movies. Just a few years ago, this move was almost impossible to pull off but with today's new gear, almost anyone can do it.

Basic Tips for Every Beginning Filmmaker

Everyone starts somewhere, and the world of video and filmmaking is no different. Whether your aspirations are to get a YouTube channel off the ground or to break into full-length feature films, starting off on the right foot when you're a total beginner is easier than you may think.