Video Editing

Cribs Tour via FPV Drone With Mr. Steele

With drones becoming more and more mainstream, people are doing some new and interesting things that require a lot of skill and control. In this video, Mr. Steele, an FPV freestyle pilot and the owner of Ethix, takes us on a ride through his house on one of his 5" custom builds.

Adobe Shows Off Slick New 'Auto Reframe' Feature

One of the tricky things about modern video consumption is that it's watched on many different devices with vastly different aspect ratios. Adobe recently showed off a new feature that will make this issue much easier to deal with by automatically and dynamically cropping a video to match the desired aspect ratio while simultaneously keeping the most important action in frame.

Time Management in Video Editing

Any video editing task depends on what type of video it is (documentary, music video, industrial/business, TV show), what style will be used, will it include extensive animation/effects/titles, and so on. The ultimate sacrifice one has to make as a video editor is time.

Learn to Edit Video in 15 Minutes

If you want to get serious about video editing, I highly suggest learning to use Adobe Premiere, but if you want to edit a video as cheaply and as quickly as possible, this is the video for you. I'm going to teach you how to edit a video in 15 minutes.

Refreshingly Simple Video Editing With ACDSee Video Studio 4

The most common complaint with nearly all video editing software available on the market is the learning curve. Most programs lack a certain degree of intuitiveness, so any attempt to tinker leads to exasperation. That was certainly my number one frustration with past attempts to teach myself to use some of the heftier video editing suites. Enter ACDSee Video Studio 4, the answer to exacting and irritating video editing sessions.

How to Direct Like Quentin Tarantino

As still photography cameras and motion cameras continue to merge with technology, so have, to an extent, the expectations of our profession. No better way to prepare yourself for the future than to learn from the masters.

Motion Array Introduces Final Cut Pro X Templates

The demands for video production have increased exponentially as online content has boomed in recent years. The team at Motion Array understands that this puts added pressure on overworked video editors. That’s why we’re always trying to come up with tools and templates to help post-production professionals stay ahead of the curve.

Why Your Intel Computer Just Got Beaten

For videographers and photographers, a good computer can mean the difference between struggling and success during post-processing. A combination of announcements means your Intel powered computer is no longer the best tool for the job.

Mac Pro 2019: Read This Before You Buy It

If you haven’t already heard, Apple recently announced the 2019 Mac Pro. Besides the base model being insanely expensive, there are also a few other things you should be aware of before you consider buying the 2019 Mac Pro.

$1,796 in Video Education for $89

5DayDeal has launched their latest video creators bundle, and we've joined in the sale. This year, Fstoppers has added an exclusive product that will give you insight into our film making techniques, The Importance of B-roll.

Will an External GPU Revolutionize Your Photography and Video Workflow?

Laptops have severe limitations when it comes to throwing graphics around, lacking the big, fan-cooled processors that are often a feature of desktop machines. What if you could keep the mobility of your laptop and plug into an external GPU when you need to render graphics or export your content? Could this be a game changer when it comes to your workflow?

Four Color Grading Mistakes Amateurs Often Make

A lot goes into making a video look professional, and one of the final and most important steps is the color grade. It's easy to make a mistake here, and this great video will highlight four such missteps that new videographers often make when it comes time to color grade.