Video Editing

One Of The Most Insane GoPro Videos You’ve Probably Ever Seen - And Why It’s Gone Viral

You might not know who Candide Thovex is now, but trust me, by the time you finish this article, you will probably be more than a little in awe of him. His latest video is averaging 1.5 million hits a day and counting since going live last week. It could easily be the single best action spots video we’ll see all year. Today, I’ll break down why I think it’s so successful, and how we can apply the same techniques to our own work.

Goodbye Adobe Premiere, Hello Da Vinci Resolve

If you’re a video editor working on Adobe’s Premiere Pro, you’re probably well aware of all the frustrations that come with using Adobe’s answer to video editing daily. The sluggish playback, the generic error issues, random crashes, and in some cases corrupted project files. We’re all well aware of how bloated and buggy this once prized piece of software had become, especially as of late.

This Free Software From Sony Could Make Gimbals Redundant

Filmmaker Mark Bone has just discovered that some free software from Sony can stabilize footage from his FX9 to the point that he’s wondering how often he will ever need to use a gimbal in the future. Check out this short video.

Put Your MacBook Pro on Steroids With This Device

It’s not a secret anymore: gaming laptops running Windows are cheaper and often more powerful than the current MacBook Pro. Many of us have wished that we could upgrade some parts of their MacBook to boost the performance, but unfortunately, with each new release, it seems like Apple is making it more difficult. Instead of waiting for Apple to change their policy if they ever do, why not look at other options? Mantiz recently released an eGPU solution that is compatible with MacOS, and it might just be what we’ve been waiting for.

The Genius of Apple’s New iPad Pro Commercial? Masterful Transitions

At Monday’s WWDC keynote, Apple announced the latest iteration of the iPad Pro, leading with a 75 second commercial that is as slick as one would expect with any Apple product launch. The iPad Pro will sell by the bucketload no doubt, but “Any Given Wednesday,” directed by Leonardo Dalessandri, is worthy of recognition itself as a supreme piece of commercial filmmaking.

This Incredible New York City Time-Lapse May Be the Best I've Seen

Anyone who has ever been to New York City remembers their first impression, amazement, and awe. Photographer Michael Shainblum credits this feeling as one of the main reasons he got into photography in the first place. You will be glad he did when you check out this amazing three-minute tribute to the city that never sleeps.

Has Adobe Creative Cloud Become Bloatware?

Since moving to the Creative Cloud software-as-a-service model, Adobe has been providing several feature updates per year to its software. But these features have come at a cost of ever-increasing system requirements, begging the question: Is it worth it?

Is the New M1 13" MacBook Pro Good for Tough Video Editing?

Apple decided to develop and use its own processors on Macs and released the first 13” MacBook Pro with the new ARM-based Apple M1 chip. But, does it really perform as well as the Intel-powered MacBook Pro?

First Feature Film Recorded Entirely On An iPhone

We all knew that this day would come and it may change the way we look at cinematography forever. It is pretty amazing to think that this entire feature length movie was created on nothing more than a humble iPhone.