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How To Light A Dance Music Video

I recently filmed a quick dance music video with famous dancer Marquese Scott. Here's how I pulled it off. 

Markquese was planning to come to Charleston and dance for a promo video for my product Hat Mask Clips. While he was here, I wanted to take full advantage of him. I thought it would be fun to film an additional video for his fans. 

The Fstoppers studio behind Patrick's house has been completely gutted in preparation of a full renovation. The creepy-looking space was the perfect moody set for this shoot. Using only 2 GVM 1000D Lights and some aluminum foil, I was able to light the entire scene. I set the key light and my camera's white balance to 3600k and the background light to 5600k to create a blue tone. To create god rays, I used a cheap smoke machine

I learned a lot about the dance industry for this project. I wanted to go all out and make a complex edit, but Marquese told me that if his fans had their way, there would be no edits at all, and every video would be a single take showing his full body the entire time. We filmed 4 different takes with multiple cameras but in the end, I decided on an extremely simple edit cutting between only 2 angles. This video was filmed entirely with the Sony A7S III

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Josh Tullock's picture

Man I love Marquese Scott's dancing and combine that with you guys being the top videographer's in the world and you have an amazing piece of work here. Love it!!

Lee Morris's picture

I don't know about top videographers in the world but thanks!