Video Editing

What Happens When Total Strangers Edit Your Sushi Commercial?

In the past few years, there has been a surge of online freelance marketplaces, and on them, you can often find photo and video editors waiting to process your work for fees ranging from just $5 to well into the hundreds. This fun video shows what happens when total strangers edit a filmmaker's sushi commercial.

A Demonstration of Every Single Effect in Adobe After Effects

Adobe After Effects is something of a companion to Premiere Pro, offering a range of visual effects, motion graphics, and more for video work. And like other Adobe production apps, it is a fairly intricate and often complex application. This great video demonstrates every effect in the program so you can see what they can do and where they might be appropriate for your own work.

A Helpful Look at a Proper Video Editing Workflow

Video editing takes a lot of time and resources, and as such, it is important to establish a proper workflow that promotes efficiency. If you are new to video, check out this comprehensive look at a professional's video editing workflow.

7 Features of Adobe Premiere You Might Not Have Seen Before

Adobe Premiere Pro is a tremendously complex program, and within it are a ton of features that can make your life easier that you might not know about yet. This fantastic will show you how seven lesser-known features that can make your video-editing life a lot easier and more efficient.

Is the Surface Book 3 a Macbook Pro Killer?

The newly announced Microsoft Surface Book 3 is reportedly their most powerful laptop ever. So could it be good enough to destroy the competition? Namely, the new Apple Macbook Pro 2020. Photographers and creatives alike love Apple products for editing workflows, but could this be the beginning of the end for Apple's domination of the creative market?

Why Color Grading Is so Important to Your Work

Color grading is one of the most important techniques for giving any video a professional touch and developing your own personal style. This helpful video tutorial features a cinematographer and colorist discussing a wide range of color grading techniques, theories, and examples and how you can apply them to your own work.

5 Tips for Faster Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro

Video editing takes a lot of time and effort, and anywhere you can make your workflow a bit more efficient can really add up in the long run. This great video will give you five helpful tips for editing more quickly in Adobe Premiere.

How to Edit a Video From Start to Finish in Adobe Premiere

Adobe Premiere Pro is a tremendously complicated program with a wide range of features, effects, and capabilities, and it can be a bit overwhelming when you are new to it and learning how to edit video. If you are struggling a bit, this excellent video will show you an eight-step process for editing a video from start to finish in Premiere Pro.

How to Remove Background Noise From Audio

You can have the best visuals in the world, but if your video has poor or distracting audio, it will be difficult for your viewers to enjoy it as you intended. If you notice your video has excess background noise, this helpful video will show you how to remove it.

Every Premiere Pro Effect Demonstrated in Just Six Minutes

Adobe Premiere Pro is a tremendously intricate and powerful program with a vast range of features and effects for improving your video footage and realizing your creative ideas. This excellent video will show you every single effect in the application and how it affects the look of your footage in just six minutes.

Taking Advantage of Color Theory: Cinematic Color Grading

Color theory is a broad subject, and the way you use it defines your style when filming or taking a photo. The technique of using color theory on your images and footage in post is called "color grading," and it is more than just using the cinematic teal and orange duo.

How to Shoot an Ad in Your Dining Room

Daniel Schiffer is a YouTuber who started off as a guy making videos for restaurants. Now, he's got more than one million subscribers, and it's because he can get a lot done with very few resources. In this video, you can see how he does it.

How to Work With Photos in Premiere Pro

In this video, Jason Boone from Boone Loves Video shares the best tips and methods of using still images in Premiere Pro and how to make the visual aspect as interesting and visually appealing as possible.

Testing the New 2020 Macbook Air for Video Editing

The new 2020 MacBook Air has been introduced with some new features at a cheaper price than the 2019 model. The new model has the latest 10th generation Intel processor with better graphics, so let’s find out how it handles video editing.

Footage From Victorian England Enhanced to 4K and 60 fps

If, like me, you have a love for history, being able to see footage from Victorian England in 1901 is a real pleasure. Using neural networks, we can now see previously grainy and fuzzy video from the era upscaled to 4k, 60 fps, colorized, and significantly improved image quality.

Goodbye Adobe Premiere, Hello Da Vinci Resolve

If you’re a video editor working on Adobe’s Premiere Pro, you’re probably well aware of all the frustrations that come with using Adobe’s answer to video editing daily. The sluggish playback, the generic error issues, random crashes, and in some cases corrupted project files. We’re all well aware of how bloated and buggy this once prized piece of software had become, especially as of late.