Tips for Creating Great Videos Quickly and for Free

Video content is more in demand than ever before, both in terms of social media and commercial applications. However, post-processing can be time-consuming and expensive, which puts many photographers off. In this video, Jan Wegener walks you through how to speed up your workflow and use a free editing suite.

A few years ago I looked into video for the first time. It's something I had been interested in for a while but hadn't had the right commercial opportunities to justify the purchase of the right equipment. However, it wasn't really the equipment that irked me when it comes to money, it was the editing suite. As I use Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom (somewhat begrudgingly with the latter) I decided that Adobe Premiere Pro was the right video editing tool for me. I also had some experience using it in previous iterations.

Then, I saw that as I use Photoshop and Lightroom, I needed to spend £50 per month (around $66) to have access to all 3 apps. An unconscionable price and another reason I would prefer to opt-out of subscription models even if it came at the cost of constant updates. Nevertheless, there was another option and it's the free software (with the option of a paid upgrade) mentioned in this video: DaVinci Resolve.

Have you used DaVinci Resolve? Would you recommend it? Is the paid upgrade worth it in your opinion? Share your thoughts in the comment section below.

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Mark Harris's picture

When I first thought about video I tried to learn Final cut and Premiere, but couldn't get over the step learning curve, and decided video wasn't for me. A few weeks later I heard about Resolve, and was putting professional-looking stuff together the same day. I guess it depends how your brain is wired, but for me, Resolve is way more intuitive, or maybe just resembles other software I've used. There are also some great teaching videos by Goat's Eye View. The free version is so powerful, that I can't imagine needing to buy the pro version.