Tips to Improve Your Results From Final Cut Pro

Final Cut Pro has become a staple of video editing and attracted many editors to it. Like most modern software, it is deep and nuanced, however, and you can always learn more. In this video, one expert takes you through some of his best tips.

I edited my first video long before I became a photographer — before YouTube in fact, albeit only just. When I started, there were few options available to the consumer, and Final Cut Pro was some way off. Over the past two decades or so, we have seen many tools that were restricted to high-end industry professionals added to consumer software, and many additions that were available to neither.

Learning new software now feels almost insurmountable, with complexity beyond the possibility of a complete understanding for almost any user. Adobe Photoshop is another example of software that has been evolving for so long that is simply gargantuan at this point. Final Cut Pro has only 11 years, but it has had to catch up with video editing suites that predate it. As a result, just like other veteran software, no matter how proficient you are with it, you have more to learn.

In this video, Tyler Stalman, a seasoned veteran of video editing, takes you through some great tips for effective edits in Final Cut Pro.

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