5 Steps to Edit an Amazing Trailer

We've all seen it: the movie was a letdown because the trailer ended up being better than it. Although this is a flaw of the movie creators, it's a testament to good work from the editors of the trailer. So, what makes a good trailer?

Trailers often don't get the credit they deserve. They have to hit important markers — capturing audience attention, motivating the audience to see the production, being memorable, and so on — all while not being able to show any spoilers and fitting into a brief window. It has become something of an art form and an under-appreciated one.

There is a lot filmmakers can learn from trailer edits, however. They are movies distilled down to the most gripping form they can be and by learning how to create compelling and engaging trailers, you can improve your filmmaking as a whole. In this video, Premiere Basics goes through 5 steps to ensure you create a strong trailer.

On tip that doesn't necessarily translate to filmmaking and is specific to trailers is the fifth: include a call to action. As is the case in most mediums, a call to action has been proven to be effective for engagement, and whether you're making a trailer or a YouTube video, including them can help improve your results.

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