Could You Save This Messed-up Footage?

No doubt, modern cameras and editing software have allowed us to push edits to extremes we would never have dreamed of previously, but still, to ensure the best image and video quality and significantly reduce our work at the computer, getting things right in camera is best. That being said, there will be times when things need some work in post. This neat video challenges four colorists to correct severely askew footage and will teach you some great methods in the process.

Coming to you from MAKE. ART. NOW., this fascinating video follows four colorists (Alex Martin, Denver Riddle, Jadon Hopkins, and Will Mannering) as they attempt to correct significantly problematic footage. As you will see, there are multiple problems with the footage; fixing it took a lot more than a few global adjustments and required a savvy combination of technical knowledge, skill, and, of course, a highly discerning eye. And while it is certainly a lot of fun to watch how the colorists tackle the multiple problems and the kind of results they can produce, you can also learn quite a bit by seeing their approaches and thought processes in action. Check out the video above to see the four colorists in action. Which one was your favorite? 

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