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Alex Cooke
Cleveland, OH
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Hello, I’m Alex Cooke. I’m a musician and mathematician who found that his artistic inclinations and obsessive attention to detail suited him perfectly to photography.

To me, photography is a way to communication intention, character and emotion. I strive to give my clients the tools to document life's important events and to represent who they are and what they want from the world in an elegant and direct fashion.

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I'm trying to send you a private message, but whenever i try to send, it takes me up the page and say there is a multiple users with the same name of yours !!!
Is there a way to contact you privately under this website bro


I really enjoyed your article on critiquing photography. If you would have the time I would appreciate you applying the principles you discussed to some of my images. Feel free to go to my website and also I have posted some image in the Group Critique , Beauty and Glamour discussion groups. Thanks if you could do this !

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Alex you're the man!

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Hi Alex. Thanks for the "like" on my photo. Winning Photo of the Day is awesome! Have you ever watched Steve Martin's movie "The Jerk"? There is a scene where Steve has moved away from home and goes to the mailbox, finds a phone book and then sees his name in it. He calls his mother and says to her "Momma I'm somebody!" That's exactly how I feel.

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Hahaha yes, I remember that, Ray! You should be proud! It's an excellent shot!!!

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Hi Alex. After reading your article, which I found very informative by the way, about the nature of light I think you may be a good person to explain "Exposing To The Right". I read an article on Photography Life blog regarding the technique.

After taking an 11 year hiatus from photography (35mm back then) I am a recent convert to digital. LIfe was so much simpler back then.

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Hi, Ray! I'm so glad to hear you enjoyed the article. I actually plan on writing an article on ETTR. Is there anything in particular you would like me to address or that I can answer here? I'm always happy to chat photography! :)

I've actually found myself shooting a lot more film lately; the deliberate nature of it really forces me to think and I've found that that carries over to the digital realm - the two really complement each other!

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Hi Alex. I understand the benefits of ETTR, at least theoretically from how the author presented the technique in the article, so think that maybe I should shoot in ETTR all the time but there were so many "disclaimers" so to speak that it seems almost impractical in most. All the steps required to the get that "best exposure" right (pun intended) would have caused me to miss that shot you took of the rainbow over the farmer's field. I may have more success with the technique shooting food but even food has a shelf life in terms of looking great for photos. Is this a practical technique? Should I invest any time in learning how to use this technique? Thanks.

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Those are all good questions, Ray and certainly questions I asked myself when I was first learning about ETTR. It's certainly appropriate in certain situations (particularly where you have time to be deliberate), but one of course has to be careful in balancing perfecting technique with getting the shot, which is something that arises particularly often with this technique. I'll definitely address all that in the article! It's very much worth learning in my opinion!

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Thank you for the follow btw!

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Hey Alex,
Thanks for joining the Travel Photography Group! I look forward to seeing more of your work :-)

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Thank you, Hillary! I'm thrilled to be a member! I can't wait to see more of your work too! :)

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Alex - Awesome portfolio! Thanks for the follow!

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Thank you so much, Phil!! Love your profile as well!!