Editing Stock Music to Make Better Videos

Unless you have the budget, time, or talent for an original soundtrack, the music you choose when creating videos is probably going to need a little finessing in order to fit in perfectly with your project. Here’s how to get it done inside Final Cut Pro X.

In this new video from the Final Cut Bro, Dylan Bates shows off a few music editing techniques that can be used in Final Cut Pro X. Whether you need to move sections of the song around to fit the flow of your video, start or stop the music differently than what the original track offers, or there’s a voiceover that needs to be compensated for in the mix, Bates has you covered in this tutorial. In addition, there’s several helpful workflow tips in order to do it all faster.

As I’ve been doing more video editing recently, I picked up a lot of what this video covers on my own time with experimentation and I do not recommend it! Consider this a gift of freeing yourself from many hours of learning the hard way.

Want to share your own tip for working with music for video editing? Share in the comments below.

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Anything to do with audio seems to call on deaf ears with a lot of photographers. I've seen even "pros" lash out in YouTube comments who are trying to help when given simple, easy tips on how to make their youtube audio better. Maybe even some that write for Fstoppers...

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