Audiio Introduces New SFX Catalog for Content Creators

Music licensing company, Audiio, has announced its latest product, which is bound to come in handy for anyone using music and sound effects in their photography and video projects.

Earlier this year, we reviewed Audiio and their annual and lifetime membership, which allows you to download and use songs in commercial capacity through a variety of licenses. Since then, Audio music library has grown with regular new additions spanning various genres of music. The company has also listened to customer feedback, and as of this month, it is releasing its new sound effects library and membership.

The new SFX catalog features thousands of exclusive, cinema-quality sound effects, which have gone through the process of being recorded by Audiio field team, mixed and mastered, and then designed to be commercial-ready. The catalog launched with just under 10,000 sound effects covering over 400 categories, with an additional 30,000 sound effects still in a queue to be tagged and uploaded on the website in the upcoming months. 

The SFX membership works with the same principle as the music membership. You can choose either an annual subscription or a lifetime one. The annual subscription, billed $199 annually, includes music and SFX library while the lifetime SFX membership, paid once, includes only sound effects. Currently, for early adopters, Audiio is offering SFX lifetime membership for $199. This means, once you download a sound effect from the website, you have the license to use it forever. 

Alongside adding new tracks and sound effects, Audiio team is working on improving the experience of finding the right song or sound quicker and easier, using a variety of search improvement tools, such as, browsing features, filters, tags, and tools that enable you to find related artists. 

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Anete Lusina is a photographer based in West Yorkshire, UK. You'll either find her shooting weddings, documentary, or street photography across the U.K. and Europe, or perhaps doing the occasional conceptual shoot.

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If anyone is looking at using Royalty Free music for any projects. We have just been burned badly by AUDIIO
They've blocked me on Facebook @helloaudiio after taking $199 out of my PayPal account. No notification from them that they were going to do this. No receipt for the transaction (I found out through PP). Nothing from customer services except an automated email and now I'm blocked by them on Facebook.
As I'm in the UK, it appears I have no recourse left to me but to call them out on social media which I never like doing but I have no option left.
Please avoid this company. It is totally unprofessional and, as I said to the PayPal advisor, I hope that nobody else loses money as we have done.