Dynascore Creates Custom Royalty-Free Music for Your Videos

Dynascore Creates Custom Royalty-Free Music for Your Videos

Imagine an application that can write music for your video with only some hints from you about the style of music and the length of the video. Imagine an app that will write music that fits with your dissolves or add a punchy note wherever you like for emphasis. 

That's exactly what Dynascore does, on Mac or Windows desktop computers or even an iPhone. (Sorry, no Android app yet).

The Details

The software is something completely unique and can fix some headaches creators have, who often import canned music and have to edit to conform to the music. Dynascore changes all that. It makes the music fit your video. Dynascore gives you access to a huge library of music, some done by their own composers, some public domain classical music, and some music that is licensed. That's nice, but what is the value add? 

That's the magic. You run the app and search for a style of music that you can preview.

When you tell Dynascore the length you need and where you want transitions or emphasis, it goes back to the cloud and rewrites and re-times the music to match what you asked for using sophisticated AI. That's rather amazing really. And the music you get is royalty-free with an unlimited global license. It can be used on YouTube, in ads, even in short documentaries. There's a 10-minute limit on the length of the track.

Using Dynascore

I tried the Mac version with some of my drone videos. I'm more of a still photographer by trade but wanted to see if the app was easy to use.

When the app opens, you get a page that lets you choose the style of music you are looking for. You can also enter search terms. The library is vast. Any track can be previewed. 

On my Mac, I selected some music I liked and then opened my Final Cut Pro edit to get the length of my video.

I also selected some transitions and entered their time into Dynascore. I told it to go ahead, and I got a visual cue that confirmed the upload, and in less than a minute, it was done. An email from Dynascore gave me a link to download my clip in either MP3 or WAV format. I chose WAV and dragged it into my Final Cut edit. That was it. The musical transitions perfectly synced with my edits, and the music ended when my clip faded out. The process exceeded my expectations, which were pretty high. The music didn't sound like a computer-generated mess. It sounded cohesive and fit the video. If I didn't like it, I could substitute other music clips to fit my edit. If I shortened or lengthened my video edit, I could adjust the clip and send it back to Dynascore and everything would fit.

The iOS app

Dynascore also offers an iOS app. It's roughly comparable to the desktop app,

You give it a video from your library, choose a style as above, and it will get the length right. You manually add musical transitions, and if your video has audio in it, you can balance the music levels. The desktop app offers the same option.

Summing Up

This is very cool technology. To get license-free music will be a dream come true for many creatives. I tested a few created clips with YouTube, and it did not flag my video. Dynascore has a library of about a thousand custom-made songs and tracks are being added all the time. 

Here's a demo video from Dynascore that will give you an idea of how it works. 

The subscription cost is $19 a month for the desktop version, and that includes a plug-in for Premiere Pro. Even without a Final Cut plugin, I had no issues doing the music edit in the Dynasocre app and dragging it into my editor.

The iOS version is $5 a month. If you don't subscribe, you can still use it, but all your videos will have a watermark. 

There's a free three-day trial for the desktop app, which will give you an idea if Dynasocre is worth it. 

While I'm not a big fan of subscriptions, I don't find the pricing too high if you are an active content creator. Compared to finding free stuff or buying music that probably won't be the right length anyway, this seems quite a bargain. I marvel at the work that went into this software, especially since the music sounds like such a good match for my edits. 

You can get some details on how it works at this link.

You can download the desktop apps here and the iOS app is on the Apple App Store. This is very impressive tech for content creators and definitely worthy of your consideration. 

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