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U.S. Sues Adobe for Hidden Fees and A Confusing Cancellation Process

It hasn't been a good couple of weeks for software giant Adobe. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is suing the company for violations of U.S. consumer protection laws, what it deems "hidden termination fees" and an overly complicated process to cancel your Adobe services. The complaint centers around Adobe's Creative Cloud offering, which bundles various software products.

Dehancer Will Get You Into Film Emulation With a Clever Plug-in

If you're tired of struggling to get the "right" look on your still images, Dehancer is coming to the rescue with a solid plug-in for Photoshop, Lightroom Classic, Affinity Photo, and Capture One. It's available for Mac and Windows.

Peakto Search: A Lightroom Plugin Which Instantly Finds Any Photo or Video You Have

Here's something that should excite Adobe Lightroom users. It's a plug-in that will index your online or offline photo or video assets and bring them up in Lightroom instantly. It's a Mac app from CYME, the company that has a similar app called Peakto that's currently offered for Mac users. The difference is that Peakto searches those assets and they can be opened in any editor, including Lightroom, Capture One, DxO, Luminar, and others. Peakto Search is aimed at Lightroom users and appears as a menu bar item on your Mac.

We Review DxO PureRAW 4

Last week, I walked you through the features in DxO's PureRAW 4 but didn't have the software to actually test. Now I've had it for several days and have some observations and comments. For those not knowing about it, PureRAW is an app and plug-in that pre-processes raw files, cleaning up lens distortions, noise, sharpness, and optical aberrations as well as issues caused by the mosaicing process of all color sensors.
Apple Vision Pro for Photographers: How Useful?

The Apple Vision Pro is all over the news lately. It's an expensive $3,500 wear-on-your-head device that offers augmented reality, virtual reality, and what Apple calls "Spatial Computing." (That's just the base price. Adding memory and prescription lenses adds to your ticket.)

Photo Editing by Voice? Apple Is Working on It

Recently, we've seen a lot of AI used in image creation, but so far, we haven't seen it as strongly applied to image editing instead of widespread image creation.

Long Exposures on an iPhone: No Tripod Needed

I always have my iPhone with me (it's an iPhone 15 Pro Max), and I've been able to capture some excellent images when I'm without my usual gear. But there are times when I'd like to do some long exposures, and without a tripod, you're up the creek with just an iPhone.
Here Are the Less Talked About Features of the DJI Osmo Pocket 3

It seems like the whole world (or at least the photographic world) is buzzing about the new Osmo Pocket 3 from drone maker DJI. It's a portable, full featured kit for video makers, YouTube creatives, and even regular consumers who want to easily capture high quality 4K video with a gimbal mounted camera.

Skylum Now Adds Even More AI to Luminar Neo

Just a few weeks ago, Skylum added GenErase to the Neo platform, a smart AI erase and fill feature. Now, they are adding the second part of their trilogy of AI tech: this one is GenSwap.