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Airport Lights Can Now Act as Surveillance Cameras

It is a known fact that places like airports or sports venues are equipped with hundreds of security cameras which can track and document any and all suspicious activity. You can usually spot them very easily in strategic areas on the ceiling, but now new technology is going to make them harder to recognize or avoid. New types of LED lights are making their way into high-profile venues, and they can do much more than just illuminate and lit the areas: they can track movement, record conversations and basically perform like any security camera currently out there.

Animated GIF Wedding Photography is a Thing and It's Beautiful

What happens when you take a technology from the early 90's and use it in your photography business in 2014? Just ask Jeffrey Bennett, a professional wedding photographer based in Detroit who in 2011 decided to start producing GIF animations for each one of his engagement sessions and wedding nights, which resulted in many happy clients, a lot of interest from potential clients and of course beautiful results he can then share online.

Disney Develops an Automatic Editing Tool For Footage From Multiple Cameras

Smartphones have undeniably taken over our lives in the past few years and most of us carry one everywhere we go. One of the most-used features on a modern phone is the camera, and it's being used all the time. In many cases, more than one person is taking photos or videos of what is going on and each person gets different angles and maybe a different part of the action. There has not been an easy way to edit it all together, but Disney Research announced the development of an automatic editing tool that takes the different videos from a scene and intelligently combines them.

Learn Two New Techniques of How to Extract Still Frames From Any Video

If you ever tried to extract a good still frame from a video, you probably know there are few different methods of doing this, but none of them are really great. The most popular way of getting a still frame is playing the video on full screen, pausing on the right frame, and using Print Screen to capture that frame - it's a very limited method and the results are average at best. In this video, Photoshop product manager Bryan O'Neil Hughes shows two new methods available on Photoshop CC in which you can extract specific frames from any video file and save them in hi-res.

The Inspiring Story of Photographer Kevin Young And His Paralysis

On July 4th, 2011 Kevin Young's life unexpectedly changed forever, and what started as a fun day with friends at the beach ended up being a horror story for this very young photographer. At the time, Kevin was very busy working on few different projects but his friend convinced him to take a break and have a nice day outside with few friends. When Kevin jumped to the water to swim he broke three vertebrae in his spine and instantly became paralyzed from the neck down.

Photographers Build DIY Remote Controlled Submarine To Film Hippos Underwater

Drones are probably the hottest gadgets in the photography industry this year. We see them being used for commercial aerial shoots, for news coverage, for wedding photography and, well, just for fun. The guys at 'Earth Touch' recently decided to see if they can create a drone that instead of going up to the sky, will be able to go down under the water. After planning on paper, they executed their idea and built a fully functional underwater 'drone' submarine. Check out the BTS and the final result.

Photographer Creates Value For His Work By Making it Worth Stealing

Photographer Lukas Renlund recently traveled to Cape Town, South Africa where he had his "Steal My Photograph!" photo exhibition. This is the forth show/exhibition of its kind, in which he asked random people who passed by to try and steal his work. He decided to create value (or at least perception of value) for his art by making it worthy of stealing. And of course make it into a fun exhibition people will share with their friends and will remember for a long time. Check out his short BTS video of his most recent exhibition, and read his exclusive interview about the whole project.

BTS: How This Beautiful Slow-Mo Film of a House Set on Fire Was Made

Slow motion is, certainly, one of the most beautiful cinematic inventions of all time. It can show us so many things that are not normally visible and can make any "normal" scene look magical and unique. For the past few years the slow motion technologies have continued to improve, and just last year the Phantom Flex4K Digital Cinema Camera was announced introducing some groundbreaking slow motion abilities like shooting at 1,000fps at at 4K resolution. Shortly after its release, Director Brendan Bellomo and cinematographer Greg Wilson got their hands on the camera and took it for a test and created this beautiful video called "Let Me Know When You See Fire."

Selfies Anonymous: The Truth Behind Our Photos on Instagram

As part of the Selfie generation, we (sometimes) find ourselves posting photos of ourselves in weird poses, or photos that make us look a little douchey in general. It's time to stop, reflect and change our habits - which is why this video above was created. This video shows us some of the most annoying types of posts we see (or contribute) on Instagram on a daily basis, and actually makes the selfie craze look.. well.. crazy. Hopefully it will make people think twice before they post a mirror selfie. Amen.

STROBE: How Lexus Created This Complex Stop-Motion-Like Video Using Practical Effects

Stop motion is one of the oldest and historically most popular tricks in the industry. It was used in many great films, music videos, advertisements and children's TV shows for many years. Recently Lexus decided to take the stop motion idea and combine it with some cool practical effects to create their new TV advertising spot. In order to execute their idea, they hired 40 engineers and many stuntpeople to help them with that complex task.

Mesmerizing 6.5 Years of Self Portraits Show Much More Than Just Simple Snapshots

Rebecca Brown is a 21 years old filmmaker, artist and a Youtuber (100,000 subscribers and millions of views) from England. For the past 6.5 years she photographed herself (almost) everyday wherever she was each day, and recently compiled it all to one time-lapse video. Aside from showing mesmerizing physical changes, the video tells a touching and interesting story of a teen suffering from disorders and depression​.

Inverse Square Law of Light Explained In a Simple Visual Way

Inverse Square Law of Light is something we all hear and know about, but don't always know how it really affects our photography. We always hear the math and the science behind it, but there is nothing like seeing it in a visual way to fully understand it. For people like me who find it hard to deal with math equations, those 2 great videos by photographer Karl Taylor will show you the important basics about the law you should know.

6,227 Images And 4 Hours Of Work Produced This Insanely Detailed 3D Model of a Castle

Have you ever considered creating an accurate and detailed 3D model from 2D photos? Probably not, it's incredibly difficult. Now, if you try to do it on a truly massive scale and have a huge castle as your subject, it makes it almost impossible to do by hand. The guys at Pix4D took it as a challenge to their software and not only modeled the outside, but also the inside of the castle, all in one interactive 3D model. To prove that it can be done by anyone, they decided to use only consumer cameras (GoPro, DSLR and a Mirrorless).

How It Feels To See Your Photo Being Used Around The World Uncontrollably

Not everyday do you get a chance to take a photo that can make a difference in someone's life, or in my case help bring down governments. At age 21 I took a self portrait of myself screaming and posted it online and over the past few years that image has been stolen and used around the world thousands of times. We already shared the full story here on Fstoppers, but we never showed how wide-spread the photo went and how much it was used around the world. This video will show you just some of the different (unauthorized) uses.

Learn Everything You Need To Know About Posing In This 2-Hour Video Tutorial

Posing your subjects can be one of the most challenging tasks you have to face on shoot-day. If the person in front of your camera is not a supermodel who knows all the tricks, chances are you'll have to direct and pose that person (or people) in order to get pleasing images that make them look at their best. If you're in the business of photographing people, you should clear your schedule and watch this 2-hour B&H class as soon as possible.

Man Stuck At Airport Overnight Makes Amazing Music Video Using iPhone and Tape

Have a creative urge to create something but have no time to execute it? Or maybe you feel you don't have the right location and atmosphere? I think you should consider getting stuck at the airport. Richard Dunn did just that. The Georgia man got stuck overnight at Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport, alone, and decided to use do something useful with his time. By useful, I mean create a Celine Dion music video.

A Must-Watch Video For Anyone Who Always Dreamt of Being a Full Time Photographer

So many talented photographers who dream of being full time professional photographers are too afraid to make the jump and quit their 'safe' full time job with steady income in order to do so. Too many people will settle for something they don't love doing just because they're afraid they'll fail doing what they really love. If you're one of those people, hopefully this 1-minute video will change the way you look at your future and profession.

This New Company Thinks Motion Photographs Are The Future of Photography

Earlier this year Lukas Renlund, a 30-year old professional photographer from Scandinavia, sat down and tried to imagine what the photography industry might look like in 5 or 10 years. That imagination-session lead him to quickly start a new photography/media company named 'Not So Fast | Media'. Instead of offering still photographs to their clients, the new company focuses only on creating motion photographs- Beautiful moving images.

Video Interview With Award Winning War Photojournalist Ziv Koren

Israeli photojournalist Ziv Koren is one of the most successful photojournalists in the world and mostly known for his unique/striking Arab-Israeli conflict images. In the past 25 years he won multiple prestigious international awards and captured some iconic news photos we all know and appreciate. Recently Jared Polin sat down with him in his studio in Israel for a very interesting 45-minute video interview that you won't want to miss. [Interview starts at 1:16:30]

Peter Hurley Tells The Story Of How He Became a Pro Photographer

Anyone who reads Fstoppers knows about Peter Hurley and his successful headshot business. Aside from being a great photographer, Peter is also a respected educator and speaker. We always see him in action in the different videos, and see his working techniques and creative direction, but we never really had the chance to hear the story of how he became the successful photographer he is today. Check out this very interesting video where Peter talks about how he went from being on the Olympic team, to being a headshot photographer.