Man Stuck At Airport Overnight Makes Amazing Music Video Using iPhone and Tape

Have a creative urge to create something but have no time to execute it? Or maybe you feel you don't have the right location and atmosphere? I think you should consider getting stuck at the airport. Richard Dunn did just that. The Georgia man got stuck overnight at Las Vegas' McCarran International Airport, alone, and decided to use do something useful with his time. By useful, I mean create a Celine Dion music video.

The thing is, Richard decided to go all out, and use his creative knowledge in order to create visually appealing video. He used whatever was available to him, which is not a lot. Before closing the check-in counters at the airport, an employee agreed to give him a roll of luggage tape, which he used to tape his phone to different things in the airport. For steady shots he taped his iPhone to poles and signs, and for his moving shots he taped it to his carry-on luggage or to the 'moving walkways' (The flat escalators). Who needs a dolly when you have a creative mind?.

This video proves you don't need $80K in equipment in order to do something creative. Use what you have available and make it happen. In just 3 days the video got over 3 Million views on Vimeo. Not a bad result for what could have been a very boring night at the airport. Alone.

[Via Huffpost]

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Better than videos with 4 more zeros of budget!

man, my iPhone battery would of died after the first minute of filming

Well I see there's no wobble in the video, such as one would see in hand held iphone video, there also seems be a glide in the video, the video was too smooth in the panning and the zooming and how did he get the shots of himself in the video, this video is suspect.

It's pretty obvious that all the stationary zoom shots were all done via digital zoom in post. The tracking shots were done on the moving walkways and escalators. Read the description above...

Some were digitally zoomed-in in post, and for some he used his luggage as a dolly... as well as the escalators and the moving walkways.