Short Film Shows Powerful Video Features On An iPhone 6 Plus

Oregon based photographer and filmmaker Ben Canales decided to take his shiny new iPhone 6 Plus to the Eastern Sierra Nevada Mountains to create a short film to show off the power of the new pop tart sized phablet. The resulting footage is great, but is Ben in fear of losing some business to iPhone cinematographers?

With so many built in features, from timelapse to 240 FPS super slow motion, the iPhone 6 Plus video features can help make even the most video challenged users create some pretty cool stuff. But even for an experienced cinematographer like Ben Canales, the ease of use and feature set made shooting video enjoyable again. 

"As someone who uses a video camera in all sorts of ways about 6 days a week- playing with the iPhone 6 Plus made me feel like an 6 yr old with a cool new toy. The ease of use paired with very powerful in-phone functions is so well knit together that it feels like cheating going from shooting 240 fps to timelapse to stabilized video so easily."

Ben decided leave his Sony FS700 in it's Pelican case as he explored around the Sierras with a small group of well known timelapse film makers. The amount of high end film making equipment between the group was staggering, but with incliment weather overhead and lots of moving on the ground, the rest of the team decided to leave the equipment packed up, leaving Ben and his iPhone 6 Plus on a mini tripod the main source of footage. 

The results are beautiful, but will an iPhone 6 Plus spur a new generation of filmmakers that could take jobs from a well established production company? Ben tells me:

Is the iPhone 6+ amazing? YES. Would I bring it to a job shooting for a client? No. It will shoot 240fps, but it degrades and is not what you’d want full size in a polished video. The in-camera stabilizer in the Instagram Hyperlapse app is amazing, but it exports final video in 720 not 1080. Timelapse looks great when the conditions are stable, but changing light has the phone struggling to smoothly change exposures following the light. So yes, it’s jaw-dropping awesome what’s packed in this big phone, and we will probably see some amazing footage and videos shot soley on the new iPhones, but I don’t feel a threat to my job security….yet. The quality needed for professional work is not there at the moment. Rather than a threat, I think this will be an asset to the industry to inspire and find those in our populations that should be behind a high-end camera making beautiful work. 


What do you think? Can you see mobile devices such as the iPhone 6 Plus being used more in the future of filmmaking?

Check out more films from Uncage The Soul Productions on their Vimeo

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Anonymous's picture

It must be good
(Fs) fly to vote it down

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Not sure what you mean George...

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What is awesome about Ben Canales is that he can make something beautiful with several media tools. That is demonstrated here with the iPhone 6+. He can make the most of every fun feature the iPhone 6+ has to offer, but it is really his eye and creativity that makes this movie pop. Great article.

Michael Bonocore's picture

Agreed Victoria! I have known Ben for a couple years now, and his talent never ceases to amaze me...but on top of that, he is one of the nicest guys I know.

Anonymous's picture

It's very notorious.

Michael Bonocore's picture

Still not sure what you are trying to say George :(

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Lots of adds on this product

Michael Bonocore's picture

Lots of ads? Such as? The only two brands I see in this film are the Apple iPhone and Pabst Blue Ribbon. I highly doubt PBR is paying Ben to be included in this film...especially since he has done beer commercials for Stella Artois.

Michael Bonocore's picture

If that is even what you are referring too...still not sure what you are referring too :(

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It's all about iPhone.
It must be good

Michael Bonocore's picture

Still not sure what you are getting at George...because it was filmed with an iPhone it must be good? I have seen plenty of not so pretty content come out of iPhones also

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I agree... I am puzzled by each successive comment

Savi You's picture

Pabst Blue Ribbon? Nasty.

Michael Bonocore's picture

But cheap! These guys are starving artists! :)

Savi You's picture

Well now that he has the iphone6+ he can sell the Sony FS700 and buy some good beers!

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Visual revelry. What a joy.

As Ben described, "playing with the iPhone 6 Plus made me feel like an 6 yr old with a cool new toy."

Michael Bonocore's picture

Sean, mine is somewhere in South Korea at the moment, with a scheduled delivery on Thursday...I keep hitting refresh hoping the flight from S. Korea is aboard a Concord.

Sean Shimmel's picture

Concord indeed. I love to have a new toy on the way for which I absolutely hate waiting :)

Was exactly like that with my D800

James Cause's picture

Great Video! I'm curious about the 'Hyper lapse' feature, is there a specific hyper lapse setting on the 6+ that isn't on the 6? I can't find a hyper lapse function on my 6, only time lapse.

Matt Donovan's picture

James, Hyperlapse is a new app released by Instagram, it's not built into the iPhone.

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Slow-mo rain drops! Yeah, baby!

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A film made on an iPhone. How last decade. The iPhone has jumped the shark.

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Warning: fixing phone to the tripod may lead to case bending.

Josh Crump's picture

Jokes aside, impressive footage and nice location! I think we will see a lot of creative footage from that built in time-lapse feature.

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Awesome video! Check out this one these boys did with their own music video with the iPhone 6

Amila C Kumarasinghe's picture

Very informative and nice to read article.

Thot to share this here too. Check something here for slomo guys -

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You can export 1080p in the Hyperlapse App via the secret 4 finger tap menu. =) Might not have been around when you wrote this but it is now.