Recent Time-lapse Articles

How to Create a Timelapse Video

Making a time-lapse video is a blend of photography and videography. While the outcome can be stunning, the process requires preparation and can pose certain challenges. In this article, I will walk you through my workflow and offer a glimpse of some real-life examples I've created.

A Masterclass From a Master Photographer

Landscape photography as a genre can be perceived as quite repetitive to some. However, to others, it can be a multifaceted challenge depending on the light, conditions, and locations that we choose to photograph!

OM System Announce the New TOUGH TG-7 Adventure Camera

Historically, the Olympus TOUGH cameras were well respected by outdoor adventurers, divers, and those who work in extreme environments. The New OM System TOUGH TG-7 has taken a huge step forward with a host of exciting new features.

A Gamechanger for Planning Your Night Photography

PhotoPills might be the most popular app for planning photoshoots. However, there is another feature-rich app that can do even more. In this video, Alyn Wallace shows the app Planit Pro and some of its unique features.

With Tons of Features Is the Isteady M6 Gimbal the Best Yet?

Mobile phones have become more advanced and are capable of capturing high-quality video footage, and with that mobile phone gimbals have also become increasingly popular and are a game changer for content creators, vloggers, and anyone who wants to capture professional quality footage.

Create Your Own Time-Lapse Templates for Lightroom Classic

Five years ago, I made a video about creating time-lapses solely in Lightroom Classic using the Slideshow Module. It was an experiment in pushing the boundaries of what Lightroom could feasibly do, and over the years it has garnered over 175K views, which was completely unintentional, but a very welcome surprise.

The Long Process of Capturing Time-Lapse Footage of Growing Mushrooms

The entire genre of time-lapse photography is a game of patience and preparation, but creating short films involving the life cycle of a mushroom is on an entirely different level. When 24hrs worth of frames can equate to only a few seconds of footage there is not a lot of room for mistakes.

The Perseid Meteor Shower: 2021 Results

The Perseid Meteor Shower peak has come and gone for 2021. This year the Moon’s interference was minimal, setting early in the evening around the predicted peak days, but luck always plays a major role in anyone’s success.

A Start To Finish Tutorial for Creating Amazing Day To Night Time-Lapses

Time-lapses are a right of passage for photographers, but they're an incredibly deep area. While a basic time-lapse is fairly straightforward and achievable with just a modern camera, more complex, cinematic productions require some know-how in both camera setup and post-production.

Creating Time-Lapse Videos With Just Lightroom and Photoshop

Lightroom and Photoshop are generally considered to be tools for standard (still) photography, but simple video tasks can be handled entirely within your photographer’s Lightroom and Photoshop subscription package (no need for Adobe Premiere Pro), and without any third-party add-on tools. In particular, the pair of programs handles time-lapse videos quite nicely.

Watch This Breathtaking New Zealand 8K Time-lapse

Professional landscape photographer Michael Shainblum shares this incredible 8K UHD time-lapse featuring amazing light at many of the best locations in New Zealand for landscape photography, including Milford Sound. Be sure to check out the full-size image gallery as well.

The Pioneering Photography of Harold 'Doc' Edgerton

With all of our fussing over codecs and bitrates, and demanding 4K 120 fps at every latest camera release, it can be good practice to look back at where some of this technology started in order to get a bit of perspective. This beautifully edited video illustrates perfectly how the likes of Canon and Sony are most certainly standing on the shoulders of giants.

Tips for Photographing a Meteor Shower

The annual Lyrid Meteor Shower is nearly upon us, peaking on the evening of April 21-22. While it’s not the best of the annual meteor showers, it is a good opportunity to try your hand at the challenge of capturing an image of a meteor. And even better, you may already have all of the equipment on hand: tripod, DSLR or mirrorless camera, and wide angle lens.

A Year of COVID in Two Minutes

Just a year ago, as the pandemic spread around the world, the lives of billions of people changed dramatically. Here is a short video that shows the most impactful moments of the crisis through an emotional narrative.

Did a Wandering Worm Ruin This 24-Hour Time-Lapse of More Than 3,000 Images?

Time-lapse and hyperlapse photographer Matthew Vandeputte recently shot a 24-hour time-lapse from his London balcony only to discover that a small creature appeared to have done a few laps over his images during shooting, ruining the entire sequence. Was it a worm on his sensor? Can you explain what happened?

How To Create a Telephoto Hyperlapse Hand-Held

A hyperlapse can revolutionize a video project, or even become one of its own. However, for the best results, a mechanical slider is usually recommended. In this video, find out how to create a great hyperlapse, hand-held.

5 Time-Lapse Photography Tips for Beginners

If you're looking at getting into creating time-lapse videos, you can try to learn it by trial and error, but that can take a lot of time. You can save yourself a great deal of time by spending just a few minutes learning a few of these tips.

A Complete Guide for Creating High-End, Cinematic Time-Lapse Videos

The time-lapse has been a fundamental technique in filmmaking and videography for some time, and the methods and results have simply improved consistently, year on year. Watch this comprehensive guide by the time-lapse photographer known for works like the intro sequence to the hit U.S. remake of "House of Cards".

The Best Way to Edit Time-Lapse Videos

There are many ways to edit a time-lapse video, with varying degrees of success. This way might be the best, but also the most tedious. Good things come to those who wait.

Save Time by Creating a Time-Lapse in Photoshop

Creating a time-lapse can be one of the most time-consuming practices in photography. Due to the nature of time-lapse, you spend a while finding a suitable composition, set up your camera and wait.

Beneath the Surface: The First Time-Lapse to Record Coral Bleaching

Scientists are constantly capturing the devastating effects of environmental decline all over the world. However, doing so underwater has always proven to be a challenge. In the latest documentary binge watch, a team has successfully shown just how the world below the surface is declining at an advanced rate.

Make Your First Time-Lapse Video at Home

Have you ever seen your own plant grow in a time-lapse? You can, and it’s a great exercise to learn something new about your camera and post-processing.

Is This the Best Camera Available for Time-Lapse and Stop Motion Photographers?

Photographer and filmmaker Matthew Vandeputte is perhaps one of the most respected time-lapse and hyperlapse creators out there. Given how often he’s asked what the best camera is for producing his style of content, he’s put together a short video explaining his choice and listing all of the features that make it so perfect.

See the Night Sky Come Alive in This Creatively Blended Time-Lapse

The night sky is one of life's true gifts. Capturing its beauty in a single frame with a camera is one thing, but creating something with thousands of images takes some serious skill and not surprisingly, turns out pretty amazing.

Four Tips for Photographing Christmas Day

I am not an event photographer; the thought of doing so brings out in me a flush of anxiety and perspiration. However, as Christmas Day approaches, being the camera owner of the family, I am thrust into the position. Here are four tips for getting through the day.

Is the Panasonic S1 the Perfect Time-Lapse Camera?

If you were a time-lapse photographer about to buy yourself a shiny new camera, what would be your choice? Time-lapse aficionado Matthew Vandeputte was contacted by Panasonic asking him to try out the new S1, and to say that he’s impressed is something of an understatement.

The Professional Way to Create a Video Time-lapse

There are a ton of different easy ways to create a video time-lapse. Today, I will teach you the hardest and most time-consuming method that professionals are currently using to get the best results possible.

Watch the Earth Rotate Relative to the Milky Way in This Fascinating Time-lapse

You have likely already seen nighttime time-lapses in which the rotation of Earth causes the night sky to move. This incredibly neat time-lapse flips that on its head by holding the Milky Way stationary, showing the ground tilting as Earth continues to rotate and making for quite the mindblowing effect.

Photographing the Disappearing Stars

For me, it’s the sounds and the stars at night that make the evening out shooting so much fun. It’s one of the highlights of the trip to the family farm.

Time-lapse Photographer Captures Amazing Footage of New York City Blackout

The recent blackout in New York City that happened on the anniversary of the infamous 1977 blackout took out a swath of the west side of Manhattan for approximately five hours. One time-lapse photographer happened to have his camera aimed at that exact spot, and his footage is absolutely fascinating.

Osaka Power: An Energetic Video Tour of Japan Second Largest City

Often shadowed by Tokyo, Osaka is an important cultural and economic center of the Land of the Rising Sun. German film-maker Christoph Gelep, delivers a fast pace video tour by capturing the traditional and modern side of the second largest city in Japan.