Get Started With Night Time-Lapses in the City Using These Tips

Shooting time-lapse video can be a slow start for many videographers. There’s a lot of time put into capturing every scene, and so when you’re just learning the ropes, mistakes in scene selection or camera setup can mean hours of shooting time thrown away. In this video, Moritz Janisch of Fenchel & Janisch gives newcomers some helpful tips on shooting better quality time-lapses in the city at night.

Behind the Scenes of a Time-Lapse Adventure in the Alabama Hills

The start of a new year is always rife with possibility and plans for self-improvement. Something I intend to accomplish in 2018 is improve my time-lapse photography skill set. As with most self-improvement goals, this will involve a combination of education and practice. For me, the education part of the equation comprises binging YouTube tutorials and inspirational videos. First on the docket for 2018 is this behind-the-scenes video of a time-lapse and nightscape photography winter trip in the Alabama Hills.

Tutorial: How to Make a Gimbal Hyperlapse Video

Hyperlapse is a variant of time-lapse where the camera moves between each shot in order to bring motion to the video sequence. The result is visually impressive, but this technique requires a high degree of precision and concentration. Furthermore, the entire process is tedious and time consuming. But thanks to the recent progress of gimbal stabilization, anyone can now produce decent hyperlapse with an entry-level gimbal. Photographer Matthew Vandeputte from Sydney shows us how to create an easy hyperlapse with a $550 gimbal.

How To Quickly Make a Time-Lapse Using Photoshop

If you’re like me, you have little to no experience with time-lapses. It’s just something I haven't done much of. I’ve never had a client request it, and I’ve never really tried to do them for fun. I’m a stills guy, mostly, so time-lapses seem kind of like encroaching on video. But I thought this video was pretty interesting and had no idea that new versions of Photoshop have time lapse capabilities built in. Maybe I’ll give it a shot soon and get my feet wet with moving images with the help of this awesome tutorial on how to do time-lapses in Photoshop.