Death Valley National Park Is a Time-Lapse Photographer's Playground

From mountains to dunes to flats, Death Valley National Park has so much to offer the nature time-lapser. More Than Just Parks took full advantage of this 5,000 square mile wonderland for their latest video.

Starting in the northern section of Death Valley National Park, the crew of three spent two weeks backpacking the diverse area. After making it to the southernmost section, they amassed over 40,000 photos and videos taking up 4 TB of hard drive storage. In all, it was a 500 mile trek through the park to create one breathtaking time-lapse video.

Filming equipment used by the team include the Canon 5D Mark IIISony a7R IIDynamic Perception Stage One slider, and Alpine Labs Radian motion controller.

More Than Just Parks aims to create these amazing time-lapse videos for every U.S. national park. Check out their previous installments such as Rocky Mountain National Park and Grand Teton National Park we’ve featured on Fstoppers.

If you’re interested to learn more about the adventure to create the time-lapse, including all the filming locations, check out the More Than Just Parks website.

All images used with permission.

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uuummm..........bucket list.

Great park, and great video. Being in Death Valley was like visiting another planet.

Superb production - @ 49 seconds did I see the face of a tortured soul in the centre sandhill ;)


Loved the entire video except for the one shot @ 30s. Every other shot was fantastic but this one I couldn't stop staring at that weird halo on the ridge. I'm an outlier though and most people likely would never see it.

Would love to put together a timelapse series like this some day. Beautiful work.

I thought it was just me to see that.