A Stunning Hyper-lapse Video Filmed With a Drone Over the Alps Mountains

French photographer Yannick Cerrutti recently released a breath taking hyper-lapse produced over the Alps with his drone. It required two years of work and the capture of 13,000 DNG images to finish this project. His video has been selected for the 2018 New-York City Drone Film Festival.

Producing a hyper-lapse is extremely time consuming but the progress of gimbal and stabilization technology allows to automatize the process up to a certain point. Mr. Cerrutti used a DJI Phantom 3 Pro and Phantom 4 Pro to record the hyper-lapse but he still had to spend countless hours in post-production to stabilize the video in After Effects. Unfortunately, he couldn’t salvage all the sequences and had to delete some of them entirely before going back on site to shoot again with his Phantom.

Interviewed for Fstoppers, he said:

Hyper-lapse is a game of patience and motivation. It’s hard to motivate yourself to drive for hours and spend a day out in the wild when you know that you might have as little as 20% or chance to capture the right sequence. Even though I used the Litchi Application to program the flight with waypoints, once in the air, there is nothing I could do to control the gimbal or correct the motion. When the automatic flight starts, you have to wait until the end and come back to your workstation and check if the sequence is worthy or not.

Please visit Yannick Cerrutti’s website, Instagram, Twitter and Facebook accounts.

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Alex Armitage's picture

You have to wonder if he had just shot on something newer if he'd come back with more usable material. P3P to a P4P is a huge jump in quality and flight path control

Oliver Kmia's picture

Hi Alex. Actually he used both. I updated the article. Thanks.

Yannick Cerrutti's picture

Thanks for the article :)

Oliver Kmia's picture

Great work. I know how hard it is to finish that type of project. Wish you the best of luck for the NYCDFF.

Amazing work. For future reference Autopilot from hanger allows you to control the gimbal as the drone is controlled from the app rather than uploading the flight path to the drone. Both apps have their advantages.

Oliver Kmia's picture

Good to know. Thanks for the info.

People say that Autopilot is hard to use, just ignore that as you'll have no problems if I can learn it!

Yannick Cerrutti's picture

Need to take a look. Thanks. But I think it's iOS only :( For dronelapse, you don't really want to touch anything while the drone is moving (at least anything not automatic). Also, lichti has a bug with auto gimbal tilting when the mission speed is very low (it just doesn't tilt even it's ok when going faster). Maybe autopilot is better at this.

Yeah it's unfortunately only IOS, hopefully they'll port it for Android too. If you set the 'gimbal pitch exp' to 1 it's really slow and smooth, you can also set the 'gimbal pitch smoothness' closer to 30, like anything you'd have to experiment to see what you can achieve with this.