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A Year of COVID in Two Minutes

Just a year ago, as the pandemic spread around the world, the lives of billions of people changed dramatically. Here is a short video that shows the most impactful moments of the crisis through an emotional narrative.

Polar Pro Releases the LiteChaser Pro Filter System for iPhone 11

With its three cameras, the iPhone 11 is a powerful video tool but controlling the shutter speed to respect the 180-degree rule is not easy in bright daylight. Fortunately, Polar Pro just released a mobile filter system built specifically for mobile filmmakers and photographers.

How to Remove Object From Video Using Content Aware Fill Tool in After Effects

Most photographers are familiar with the content aware fill tool. This features has been part of Photoshop for years and can be a life saver to remove unwanted or distracting elements from an image. Adobe recently implemented this tool in After Effects and this short tutorial shows how to use it.

Mind-Blowing Dystopian Aerial Video of Hong Kong

After months of public protest that gathered millions of people in the streets, the situation in Hong Kong is still tense. But despite the ongoing troubles, the former British colony in one of the coolest places on Earth and a talented crew captured the unique vibe of the city in a mind-blowing aerial video.

In Depth Comparison of the DJI Mavic Mini, Air, Zoom, and Pro Drones

With the latest Mavic Mini release, DJI now offers four drones in the Mavic line-up, ranging from entry level aircraft to professional grade quadcopter. But picking the right model might be confusing. Here is clear and comprehensive comparison based on direct, hands-on experience.

Using a Cinelens With the Canon M50

I was not very impressed by the Canon M50 camera when it came last year. But mounting a crazily expensive cinelens on this entry level mirrorless is an entertaining challenge.

Don’t Break the Bank: Best Micro Four Thirds Lenses Under $300

Lenses are critical, yet many photographers tend to attach mediocre entry-level zoom glass on their camera when there are plenty of affordable quality lenses on the market. Here is a personal selection of some of the best optics that can be found under $300.

Fstoppers Reviews the DJI Smart Controller

The smart controller merges a CrystalSky monitor with a regular controller to offer an all-in-one package. This solution is effective and comes with interesting features.

Osaka Power: An Energetic Video Tour of Japan Second Largest City

Often shadowed by Tokyo, Osaka is an important cultural and economic center of the Land of the Rising Sun. German film-maker Christoph Gelep, delivers a fast pace video tour by capturing the traditional and modern side of the second largest city in Japan.

Video Captured by Micro Drone Shows Massive Protest in Hong Kong

The ongoing protest in Hong Kong attracted more than one million people last week to demand the withdrawal of a highly controversial law that would allow local citizens to be extradited to China. The heated demonstrations were filmed by a local pilot with the help of a micro-drone.