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Polar Pro Releases the LiteChaser Pro Filter System for iPhone 11

Polar Pro Releases the LiteChaser Pro Filter System for iPhone 11

With its three cameras, the iPhone 11 is a powerful video tool but controlling the shutter speed to respect the 180-degree rule is not easy in bright daylight. Fortunately, Polar Pro just released a mobile filter system built specifically for mobile filmmakers and photographers.

The California based filter manufacturer, PolarPro, known for their premium and comprehensive range of ND and polarizing filters for drones and cameras announced today the launch of the LiteChaser Pro filter system dedicated to the iPhone11. This system is composed of three elements: a case, a grip, and a selection of filters:

  1. A case compatible with iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro max. This case features an aluminum mount compatible with the LiteChaser filters. The dual material construction comes with a soft rubber interior and a reinforced skeleton frame, according to Polar Pro it is compact enough "to fit in most gimbals."
  2. The following filter options are available: ND64 (6 stops), ND8 (3 stops), a rotatable circular polarizer (CP), and a variable ND (3-5 stops).
  3. A low profile grip with two ¼”-20 threads to mount lights or microphones. The rail system allows adjustment for hand sizes or switching between portrait and landscape modes.

The grip, the case, and the set of filters.

“Since the launch of Apple’s iPhone 11 in 2019, the goal was to develop a complete creative system worthy of replacing your DSLR/Mirrorless camera and help transform your iPhone 11 into the ‘A’ camera. Whether vlogging your travels or even producing your own short film; and PolarPro met that goal with the introduction of the LiteChaser Pro system. In the end, the outcome is a complete creative system built specifically for mobile filmmakers and photographers to deliver shots never before possible on iPhone” said Jeff Overall, Founder and CEO of PolarPro.

The grip allows to mount accessories via two ¼”-20 threads.

The LiteChaser Pro comes in two flavors:

  • A photography kit ($99) which includes the case, the grip and the CP filter
  • A film-maker kit ($119) with the case, the grip, and the variable ND filter.

See the product page here.

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There’s a rule called the 180 rule? I didn’t get the memo.

180-degree rule. Corrected, thanks for your comment.