Mind-Blowing Dystopian Aerial Video of Hong Kong

After months of public protest that gathered millions of people in the streets, the situation in Hong Kong is still tense. But despite the ongoing troubles, the former British colony in one of the coolest places on Earth and a talented crew captured the unique vibe of the city in a mind-blowing aerial video.

Hong Kong is a fascinating place, this tiny slice of China used to be the port of entry for the British-sanctioned opium trade before evolving into one of the most important financial hub later in the 20th century. As such, the special administrative region is packed with inhabitants. The cosmopolitan population must compensate the lack of available space by living in skyscrapers. Therefore, this territory has the world’s largest number of skyscrapers with more than 300 buildings taller than 490 feet.

The skilled team of Timelab Pro captured the essence of the city to perfection. The Russian operators used an APS-C Zenmuse X7 camera attached to the DJI Inspire 2 drone. The footage was probably recorded in 10-bit ProRes or CinemaDNG raw. The video sequence alternates ultra-wide-angle shots filmed with a Venus Optic Laowa 9mm f/2.8 lens and long focal scenes (DJI 50mm f/2.8). The combination of awesome scenery, stunning editing, dark soundtrack, and color grading generates an immediate wow factor.

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Oliver Kmia is specialized in time-lapse, hyperlapse, and aerial videography. He also works with several drone manufacturers as a marketing and technical consultant. He is the lead brand ambassador of Hello Kitty camera, his favorite piece of equipment. Most people think Oliver is an idiot and they are probably right.

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This is impressive. But why that ugly teal and orange color grading? :(

came here to say this. Also a clickbaity video title

Stunning-a masterclass in vision, capture and post.