Using a Cinelens With the Canon M50

I was not very impressed by the Canon M50 camera when it came last year. But mounting a crazily expensive cinelens on this entry level mirrorless is an entertaining challenge.

Needless to say that the M50 is not really the a video beast. With a crop factor of 1.6x (or 2.56x total crop relative to full frame), the video mode is almost unusable, and the battery life is very limited. But Potato Jet rigged his M50 with $62,000 worth of accessories and put this little camera out in the field for shooting. Incredibly, the professional cinema lens gives a unique look to the footage. Don’t miss the beautiful shot of the Sports Illustrated supermodel in the swimming pool. Up next, "Potato Jet" installs the system on a Movi gimbal to capture cinematic imagery in the desert. Overall, he gets nice footage and offers interesting insights in the conclusion of the video. Despite all this rigorous testing, I’m probably not going to purchase the M50, because this setup seems a little bit impractical in real life. But Canon recently introduced two cameras that can record 4K video without crop. Unfortunately, Canon couldn’t help but remove the 24p frame rate. Who knows? Perhaps someone will break their market segmentation and buy a 90D instead of a C700 to film the next blockbuster movie. Better not to risk it.

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Charles Metivier's picture

M50 came out last year.

Oliver Kmia's picture

Time flies! Corrected, thanks for the comment.

Kevin Famuyiro's picture

No snark, but you gotta elaborate. What's clickbait about Gene's video? He's literally using the lens on the M50.