Chasing the Moon in Pursuit of the Perfect Time-Lapse

Check out the behind-the-scenes action of one photographer traveling around South America for a year in pursuit of the perfect time-lapse video.

Anyone who has attempted time-lapse photography knows that patience is the key to success. Shooting time-lapses involves spending countless hours both in the field and post-processing to create short clips that are generally mere seconds long. The skill needed to execute professional time-lapses is considerable as well; one needs to master the technical aspects of the camera often in changing lighting conditions as well as have the vision and expertise to execute motion controls in multiple axes. 

Morten Rustad makes his living as a time-lapse photographer. Based in Oslo, Norway, he has the rare combination of skill and patience necessary to create compelling time-lapse videos and his latest project may end up being his best yet. Rustad has spent a year traveling South America capturing footage and has released his first behind-the-scenes video, showcasing his journey exploring the desert around San Pedro de Atacama in Chile. I look forward to continuing to watch the behind-the-scenes series leading up to the release of the South America time-lapse video at the end of the year.

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