'Destination DC' Is a Time-Lapse That Captures the Vibrancy and Life of America's Capital

We've all seen impressive time-lapses before, but what really caught my eye with "Destination DC" was its human element. Washington D.C. is undoubtedly a historic city full of sites that are primed for capture, but that in itself means it's a challenge to create something that rises above the countless images and videos we've seen before. "Destination DC" does just that.

'Whispering Iceland' - Further Proof that Iceland is Disneyland for Photographers

If I'm brutally honest, I felt as if I'd become a bit numb to time-lapses. There's a sense in which the bar has been raised so high of late, that it's difficult to create anything that's likely to capture my attention (not that anyone's trying to). However, if there's one place that can deliver over and over again, it's the frozen tundra that feels as if it has been designed by a landscape photographer: Iceland.

Impressive Hyperlapse Video Shows Cappadocia in Four Seasons

Internationally acclaimed time-lapse film maker and photographer Rob Whitworth brings magical Cappadocia alive in his flow-motion hyperlapse film for Turkish Airways. The visually stunning clip, which highlights the tourist attractions in the region, took six weeks to shoot over the course of two months and two seasons. The effortless blending of multiple photography techniques and precise After Effects work culminates in a breathtaking finished product which pushes boundaries and leaves no doubt as to why Whitworth's videos have over 9 million online views.

U.S. Election Have You Down? Watch This 10K Panoramic Time-Lapse of L.A. Instead

What do you get when you combine over two years of shooting, extensive location-scouting, two Canon 5D Mark III cameras, and a very ambitious time-lapse photographer? You get just over six minutes of breathtaking panoramic time-lapse footage coming in at a remarkable 10K by 4K resolution. If this amazing time-lapse video from Photographer Joe Capra doesn't take your mind off of the election for a few minutes, nothing will.

A First Glance at the Syrp Pan/Tilt Bracket

I always enjoy a good time-lapse. Making them is a hobby of mine, as I love getting to relax and work at the same time. Leaving your camera stuck on a tripod or Gorillapod doesn't always give you the most dynamic shot I've found. Fortunately, there are ways to add some depth to your time-lapse film without having to lug around several backpacks worth of gear. One such device would be the Syrp Pan/Tilt Bracket.

Nature Meets Modern Architecture in Stunning Time-lapse

A transportive time-lapse is something that never gets old, particularly when it looks and sounds as elegant as a waking dream. Forcibly poetic diction to describe lengthy slider moves and dramatically shifting clouds, perhaps. However, it’s hard to ignore the feeling you’ll get when you take this trip to Døvrefjell, a mountain in Norway that never looked more serene.

Astro Core Makes Time-Lapse Photography Easy

When it comes to time-lapse photography, there are a great number of items available for you to do just that. In fact you can head over to B&H Photo to really see just how many options there are. Most are fairly simple to use and come with some sort of remote allowing you to set the path and duration of your pass. Some are intuitive, others aren't as simple between setting keyframes, setting durations, or in some extreme examples, using a different module for each axis and having to program each independently in order to achieve a multi-dimensional movement. How much simpler would it be though if you could draw your intended path for your time-lapse and have it up and running in a matter of a minute or two?