Watch Every Episode Of Photographing The World Behind The Scenes Right Here

Watch Every Episode Of Photographing The World Behind The Scenes Right Here

Over the last two months we have been releasing one episode a week of our Behind the Scenes series of our world tour with Elia Locardi. In this first season (Season 2 is currently being edited), we visit both Iceland and New Zealand to film our latest tutorial on all things landscape photography

Now that we have completed Season 1 (Episodes 1-8) we have decided to put them into one easy location to watch them all. To learn more about each individual episode, simply click on the hyperlink above each video to read the full story. 

Episode 1

In Episode 1 Patrick and I begin our journey from Charleston, to NYC, to Iceland to meet Elia, Naomi, and our hilarious guide Siggy. Our first lesson in Iceland becomes a huge disaster when rain and hail destroy our shot. 

Episode 2

In Episode 2 we film 3 separate lessons across Iceland and we celebrate Thanksgiving in a gas station. 


Episode 3

In Episode 3 we visit a natural glacier ice cave and have to compete with another group of video game designers to film our lesson as they photograph background plates for a game that may or may not be Half Life 3. 


Episode 4

In Episode 4 we accidentally leave a tripod by the side of the road. We get our car stuck in the mud in the middle of a hail storm. And Siggy goes on a hilarious rant about his disdain for photographers. 


Episode 5

In Episode 5 we travel to the other side of planet to begin shooting in New Zealand. During our first night there we are attacked by a "wingless bird" (according to Elia). Our first day of filming started with a total failure at the beach, but ended on a high note when we filmed a great lesson at the "Pancake Rocks."


Episode 6

In Episode 6 we visit the famous Lake Matheson, which requires a 45 minute hike in to capture. We visited the location three times, and were forced to wake up at 4am to get there in time. Oh ya, and I also crashed the drone. 


Episode 7

In Episode 7 we film the most famous tree in New Zealand. We then move to Milford Sound which ends up being a complete failure due to rain. At the end of the episode we film the very last lesson in the entire tutorial. 

Episode 8

Episode 8 is the final episode in this series. I convince Patrick, and Naomi to come with me and New Zealand's biggest bungee jump and the tallest swing in the world. 


If you've enjoyed this series, don't worry, Season 2 is currently in production and we plan to release it sometime around the new year! You can see a promo for Season 2 at the end of Episode 8. 

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Awesome job you guys! i totally feel like i know you all now after watching that. It's always awesome when you can travel and do some work while still having fun. I totally want to go on holidays and explore now. I don't want to even know how long it took to edit all the footage you shot.

ps: That airport you stopped at in Australia was it the Gold Coast airport in QLD ???? i live on the gold coast and we have a small airport like

I'm glad you enjoyed it Kirk. Editing the bts series may have actually taken longer than editing the whole tutorial. There was so much footage and no story; we just had to make one up.

I don't remember which airport we stopped in. Naomi took care of the travel details and I was just along for the ride.

I saw them all, when they came up. Amazing series of BTS. All those places i wish i could visit one day. The videos make me happy, but then reality makes me sad, to know how hard it is to make a living around here just to have a place to live. But...i hope this crysis go away sometime least while i am still young.

Where are you from?

Hey Morris, i'm from Portugal.

Please tell me you guys are making a bloopers.

I thought these BTS videos were the bloopers :/

I haven't watched it yet, I'm still at work. My thought is if your BTS is full of bloopers, the actual bloopers reel would make for a very entertaining lunch hour :)

I can't belive, that you guys looked at the camera during the falling part... :-)) why?? the best thing - I guess - to look around when gravity embraces you!!

It was a long fall I had time to look everywhere

ha ha "those boots" made the promo image for this post.
Behind the scenes videos brought to you by the 3 creators of Fstoppers
Lee Morris, Patrick Hall and Hideous moon boots :)