Photographing The World BTS ep1: Fstoppers Arrives In Iceland

This week we released our 5th photography tutorial: Photographing The World with Elia Locardi. Since this tutorial was going to be filmed over the course of 2 months in Iceland and New Zealand, we decided to turn the cameras back around on ourselves and show you how we filmed this massive video project. We've spent literally months editing just the behind the scenes portion of this tutorial and we ended up with 8 separate episodes that total almost 2 hours in length. For the next 2 months we will be releasing 1 episode a week. Our hope is that this series will give you a glimpse of what it takes to film and edit a video that is over 12 hours in length and at the same time let you experience this incredible adventure with us. 

In episode 1 of Photographing The World Behind The Scenes, Patrick and I fly to Iceland, we meet the entire team, and then are pummeled by hail during the entire first day of filming at Kirkjufell Mountain in Grundarfjorour, Iceland. 

During the second day of filming Elia got a great image Kirkjufell and during the post production section (which will show up in a much later episode) he came up with a great final image from a single raw file. 

Stay tuned for the next BTS episode that will get posted sometime next week and subscribe to our Youtube channel to see it before anyone else. Of course everyone who buys the tutorial will also receive all of the BTS episodes at purchase. 

In case you've missed the other episodes you can easily find them below. 

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You can find the finished tutorial in the Fstoppers Store.

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Mac MacDonald's picture

Looks awesome, guys! What time of year was it when you were in Iceland? I'm planning a trip there mid-October, this year, and hopefully don't get hit with all the "weather" you guys did.

Patrick Hall's picture

We were there the last 2 weeks of Nov. I've never been in the Fall so I'm not sure if the weather changes that much but from what I can tell this type of weather minus the snow is pretty common in Iceland. Honestly the crazy weather made the trip more fun in my opinion.


Fun BTS. I own a couple of your other tutorials and this one's on my list now, though I'm not a landscape guy. You guys should run a contest or something and ruffle off those boots... good Lord, man, those things are something else!

Lee Morris's picture

We were thinking about that! Spray painting them each gold and giving them away as trophies.

Ben Lucas's picture

I'm flying out to Iceland TOMORROW!! Where is the very last shot in that video? The "most incredible landscape ever?"

Ben Lucas's picture

Thanks. Someone posted it on the FB comments. I never had a chance to drive out that far, but I'm putting it on my bucket list for next time!

Elias Duran's picture

Really fun Video!, do you guys know by any chance what kind of pants and jacket was Elia wearing?

Lee Morris's picture


Tihomir Lazarov's picture

Guys, you are able to do every tutorial looking very interesting and very honest. Even people not interested in landscape photography would think buying that.

Great job!

Lee Morris's picture

I'm glad you like it. Our hope was to make it entertaining in general so that even non-photographers would enjoy watching them. Of all the 8 episodes I feel like the first is probably the weakest so I'm sure you will like the next ones even more.

Roger Botting's picture

I was at that same waterfall just a month ago. Yes, the weather can be like that in the north of Iceland in June.

John Skinner's picture

You guys have produced some of the best videos I've seen over the last 2 or 3 years.

The Hurley, Wedding, and now, hopefully this one. Can't wait to grab the final product. People I''ve watched the wedding with have begged me for a copy... But I make them go buy it !

Lee Morris's picture

Thanks so much John, we really appreciate your support

Oskar Ragnarsson's picture

Haha nice to see you are enjoying the Icelandic weather. The good thing about unpredictable weather like in the video, is that one minute its look looks like the worst weather conditions for any kind of photography but few minutes later you can have the most amazing light you would ever want for a landscape photography. But patience is something you need to have with you and lot of it.

Lee Morris's picture

Yep! I'm excited to go back in the summer

Michael Kormos's picture

So let me get this straight... You guys travel the world, taking amazing photos and making a movie for months on end, and you want US to foot the bill, $299 at a time?

Niiiiiice :-)

Lee Morris's picture

plus profit ;)

aliosha odinson's picture

Hi, what's your metering set up?
matrix, spot o center weight

Omid ghahreman's picture

awesome videos .. . can i share your videos (without edit) on my web site or my adventure life channel ?

Lee Morris's picture

Yes, you can embed the Youtube videos wherever you like.