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Oskar Ragnarsson
Djupivogur, IS
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I started to get interested in photography when my dad bought his first dslr in 2007. Olympus 520d if I remember correctly. I bought my first camera in 2008, Nikon d300 and came obsessed right away. All I did was take photos and look at photos online. I got few jobs and sold few photographs but I never put real power to follow my progress through and my other work came on top. In recent years my family and my work have been my priorities and the passion for photos has drop'd a little. In recent months my interest have come back and I've been giving my self time to go outside and take photos. I have whole Iceland in my backyard so amazing photogenic scenes is nothing to have worries about. I've been fallowing the fstoppers site from beginning and learnt a lot from it. I think the recent changes are great and I look forward to get to now people here and share photos and to learn from others photographers.

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