Photographing The World BTS ep 2, Fstoppers Continues Filming In Iceland

If you haven't already heard, Fstoppers has teamed up with Elia Locardi to produce Photographing The World: Landscape Photography and Post-Processing. For the entire 2 months of filming this tutorial we filmed hours of behind the scenes footage every single day and we ended up editing it down to 8, 15 minute episodes. 

In episode 2 of Photographing The World Behind The Scenes we take you to 4 incredible locations in Iceland and we also get to celebrate Thanksgiving on the road. Watch the full video above and check out the images that we were able to capture at each location below. 


We begin at the Londrangar Cliffs where we were able to walk right up to the edge of the most incredible seascape I've ever seen on person. 

We then moved to Godafoss which is one of the most famous waterfalls in all of Iceland. One side of the waterfall was completely covered in ice do to the mist, wind, and sub freezing temperatures. We were forced to change our plans and move around to the other side of the falls to complete the lesson on neutral density filters.

Next we traveled down a dirt road and paid a farmer $20 to film the next lesson at Vesturhorn Mountain. At this location Elia took 6 separate images and then teaches multiple ways to combine them into a pano photograph. 

For our final lesson we purchased crampons and hiked down to Aldeyarfoss which was honestly the most incredible location I've ever been in my life. Simply driving around Iceland can feel like you are on another planet but this waterfall in particular was beyond anything else that we would see on this entire trip. 

We filmed this entire tutorial with three Nikon D750 cameras. In this episode you saw us using the Kessler Stealth Slider and the Kessler Pocket Jib. For drone footage we used the Phantom 2 with the Gopro 4 Silver.  

Stay up to date with next weeks episode by subscribing to our Youtube channel and learn more about the full landscape photography tutorial at the Fstoppers store

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You can find the finished tutorial in the Fstoppers Store.


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Looks amazing! I need to visit Iceland soon!

Looks mega interesting to watch! Must have been beyond words to actually do it!

Truly amazing! At 3:08 I saw Elia wearing mitten with a zipper. It seems as if you can wear the mitten over a regular glove. Does anyone know the manufacturer of the mitten?