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You Don't Need To Constantly Change Your Composition

I begin with a story about a location nestled in the picturesque landscapes of Cork, Ireland, where there lies the ancient friary ruin of a monastic settlement—a scene that, despite its historical roots, breathes life through the ever-changing interplay of light, atmosphere, and clouds. In the pursuit of capturing the feeling of this timeless location, I embarked on a photographic challenge that spanned two hours leading up to sunset. The unique challenge? To take 10 shots from the exact same composition, without altering my camera position or perspective.

Finding the Art of Photography Later in Life

This inspirational video expose by photographer Lori Sloan proves that you can pick up a camera and create art at any age. Lori’s self-narration adds to the video, making it a piece of art on its own. It just may spark a little inspiration for you as well.
Why Ireland Is Underrated for Landscape Photography

When it comes to landscape photography, certain destinations immediately come to mind – the dramatic landscapes of Iceland, the majestic mountains of the Canadian Rockies, or the iconic landmarks of the American Southwest. However, there is one country that often gets overlooked as a photography hotspot: Ireland.

5 Reasons Why Sunset Photography Steals the Show

The enchanting allure of golden hues, vibrant skies, and serene landscapes make both sunrise and sunset photography captivating endeavours. While sunrise photography has its undeniable charm, there are distinct qualities that make sunset photography equally mesmerising, if not more.

5 Secrets of Waterfall Photography

Prepare to dive headfirst into the world of waterfall photography! In this article, we'll uncover the five secrets that will make your waterfall shots as majestic as possible. So, grab your camera, put on your raincoat, and let's embark on this adventure.

Cracking the Code: How a Polarizer Unveils the Secrets of Rock Pools

Rock pools are captivating microcosms of marine life nestled along the coastline, holding a world of hidden treasures waiting to be discovered. But have you ever wondered how you can capture the vibrant colors and intricate details of these submerged wonders? Let’s delve into the enigmatic power of a polarizer and explore how it reveals the secrets of rock pools along the water's edge, where the code to capturing the beauty of these miniature aquatic ecosystems is cracked.

Hard Light: It's Big and Worth a Try!

Identifying trends in commercial photography is important. It helps you develop your practice and keeps you on your toes! One of those trends right now is hard light. Hit that subject hard, cast some shadows, and make it look like we're all shooting poolside, sipping piña coladas!

Four Steps to Creating Better Natural Light Portrait Compositions

Natural light portraiture is a great way to stay versatile and able to move through a variety of locations and poses quickly without having to deal with the logistics and interruption to your creative workflow presented by lugging around a bunch of lights and modifiers. However, because you can’t control the light, you need to consider your compositions a bit differently. This excellent video tutorial will show you a four-step process for creating better natural light portrait compositions.

An Easy and Effective Trick for Natural Light Portraits

Shooting natural light portraits does not mean you are stuck using the sunlight exactly as it is without any modification. You can use modifiers to shape the sunlight to be more flattering, and this great video tutorial will show you an effective way to create such illumination.

3 Fantastic Natural Light Setups for Portrait Photos

Natural light can be more versatile than you might think, and with a good understanding of how to shape it and orient your subject within it, you can create a wide variety of compelling photos. This helpful video tutorial will show you three different natural light setups you can use for portraits along with some great tips to get the most out of each of them.

BTS of a Natural Light Portrait Shoot in an AirBnB

It's easy to think that if you want to put together a great portrait shoot you need to book an expensive location and have a room full of lights, but sometimes simplicity can be more rewarding.

How To Shoot Outdoor Portraits at Noon

Why would you even consider shooting under the hard and harsh light of midday? Here are some reasons that you should consider it and how you can pull it off.

6 Tips for Better Interior Photos

The past four months I've been staying in many Airbnbs and hotels while traveling through Portugal, Costa Rica, and Panama. What I noticed while looking for accommodations were the often unprofessional photos those places use for their listings. Some were so bad that I directly skipped to the next listing, not even looking at the reviews. And it's so easy to create better real estate photos, even just using a cell phone, which I'll show in this article.

8 Helpful Tips for Natural Light Swimsuit Photography

When it comes to swimsuit photography, Joey Wright is one of the best in the world, and he is a fantastic teacher on top of that. If you would like to improve your work, check out this fantastic video tutorial in which Joey shares eight excellent tips for shooting natural light beach photos.

Photographing in Natural Light

Utilizing natural light in your photography can be a quick and easy way to create portraits without having to fuss over strobes, light stands, and light modifiers. In this video, photographer Anita Sadowska takes us along for a swimwear shoot in an NYC location that features floor-to-ceiling windows, which allow for a generous amount of natural light to enter.

After the Storm, We Get Spectacular Light

Even with all the planning, the one thing you can't control is the weather. But if you wait out the storm, you can sometimes get some spectacular light.

Is There a Difference Between Color Temperature and White Balance?

If you look at your camera, you will find a button to change the white balance. You can choose either auto white balance or one of the other predefined settings. But it is also possible to set the color temperature itself. Is there a difference between color temperature and white balance?

Portrait Photography in Bright Midday Sun

Natural light portraiture is forever popular, but as us photographers know, more light isn't necessarily better. In fact, like half-breed vampires, we shy away from the sun at its brightest during midday.

How to Take Beautiful, Backlit Portraits at Golden Hour

Golden hour is the holiest of times for photographers of many genres, however, it takes some technical understanding if you want to get the most out of it in your portraiture. In this video, Irene Rudnyk takes you behind-the-scenes of her beach portraiture shoot at golden hour to give you some tips.

Common Natural Light Photography Mistakes

Natural light portraits are quite popular, particularly among newer photographers who are still learning the ins and outs of lighting, camera settings, posing, etc. They can be deceptively complex, however, which leads to some common mistakes. If you are shooting natural light portraits and want to improve your work, check out this fantastic video tutorial that details some of the most common mistakes photographers make.

How to Create Great Product Photographs With Natural Light

Product photography is a deceptively deep genre of the craft and to get the most out of it requires experience and often a lot of lighting equipment. But that isn't to say lots of lighting equipment is always necessary. Here is how one photographer uses only natural light and still gets some beautiful results.

How to Find Beautiful Natural Light in Ugly Locations

It's easy to look around at local locations and think that you have no chance of creating beautiful, natural light portraits because of them. However, with the right positioning and knowledge, you will be able to create stunning images with great light.

Three Simple Tips for Dark and Moody Boudoir Portraits

I feel like boudoir portraits, for the most part, fall within two different types when it comes to lighting and atmosphere: light and airy or dark and moody. If you are looking to step out of your comfort zone of light and airy and try taking some dark and moody portraits, here are three simple tips to help you start.

The Importance of Revisiting Landscape Spots in Iceland

Trying to create the most unique photograph of a landscape is hard to do, especially if it's a well-known photo hotspot like Iceland. But these two local photographers revisited the same spot over and over to produce wildly different and stunning images.

Reviewing Images From a Professional Editorial Assignment

In the age of social media, we often only ever get to see the best version of things: the best-looking meal images, our best-looking selves in selfies, the best this, the best that. For photographers, this too can mean that we only ever get to see the best images from other photographers.

Behind the Scenes of a Shoot for a Commercial Using Only Natural Light

Shooting a commercial is a difficult task at the best of times, but to do so only utilizing natural light, is even trickier. In this video, go behind the scenes of the shoot as Eric Floberg walks you through settings, equipment, and considerations to get to the professional final result.

Useful Tips for Shooting Natural Light Portraits

Shooting portraits using natural light means paying careful attention to how that light is behaving and how it falls upon your subject. This insightful video gives you a series of tips on how to make the most of a wide variety of shooting conditions.

Learn From a Master: Analysis of Joel Meyerowtiz's Street Photography

There are photographers that are so masterful in their creation of images that they are worth studying in the hope you can siphon off some of their brilliance. In this video, watch as some of Joel Meyerowitz's legendary street photography is broken down and analyzed.

Add Motion to Your Portraits Using Shutter Drag With These 10 Steps

We call this the "environmental shutter drag portrait." A shutter drag portrait is a portrait that uses slow shutter speeds to capture the motion around the subject. This technique is best done in a big grand scene full of action and detail. The eye-catching nature of these shutter drag portraits makes them perfect for impressing clients and serving as the highlight photo for every album and event. Today, I'll be walking through 10 easy steps on how to photograph your own shutter drag portrait.

5 Tips for Creating Stronger Compositions Using Natural Light

Developing your eye for how natural light can shape your composition comes with time. Contemporary landscape photographer Kyle McDougall has put together five excellent nuggets of knowledge to take with you the next time you’re out shooting.

Add Depth to Your Photos Using Mixed Lighting

If you’re a wedding or event photographer, it’s likely you’ve come across mixed lighting situations, and understanding how to work with or around it is crucial. If done right, mixed lighting can have a flattering effect and can add visual interest and depth to your photos.

Motivation Slump During the Summer Months? Try This

Landscape photography during the summer months can lead to a motivational slump due to the weather conditions. Bright sunshine, clear blue skies, long daylight hours, and busy locations can often lead to a drop in productivity and creativity for the landscape photographer.

Easy Tips for Taking Better Photographs of Products for Etsy

Handmade selling is on the rise and with it comes an increasing number of new product photographers. Quality product photography is essential for marketing your goods, but it doesn't need to be expensive or overly technical. In fact, there are some easy things that you can adjust that will help elevate your product photographs to the next level!

6 Tips for Shooting Better Natural Light Portraits

Natural light is popular and has been divisive at times, but when used properly, it can lead to some beautiful images. Here are six tips to help you take better portraits without artificial light.

How to Photograph in Harsh Sun

Those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are now in the throes of summer, which means harsh sunshine for a larger part of the day. While midday sun is generally not ideal for photographs, it isn't always avoidable. Luckily, there are some simple ways to work around and even with that blazing star and still end up with strong images.

What Do You Get Out of Landscape Photography?

Landscape photography is hardly of any benefit to society, nature, or the world in general. For most people, the commercial value is quite low as well. So why would you do it?

5 Tips for Better Wildlife Photographs

Do you want to become a better wildlife photographer but you aren’t sure where to start? Here are five tips to help you create beautiful animal photographs no matter your skill level.

Simple Tips for Creating Better Photographs in Harsh Light

Photographing when the sun is at its highest point in the sky is rarely desirable, but there are certainly times and places where it can make for great images. Here are some tips for that less popular time of day.

Learn How To Shoot This Window Light Portrait Yourself

Portrait photographers generally use artificial light whenever they are working indoors, but window light can be a fantastic source of flattering natural light suitable for a portrait. This excellent video tutorial will show you how to set up and take a compelling portrait using window light and a reflector.

Lens Hoods: Do You Actually Need Them?

When you buy new (or used) lenses, they almost always come with a lens hood that you can attach to the end of the lens. They serve various purposes but do you really need to use them?

Choose Colors Deliberately for Extraordinary Photos

There are a bunch of different ways to make your photos stand out: great light, gorgeous model, amazing locations, idealized retouching, but one that is often overlooked in favor of these less subtle approaches is color. We photographers tend to schedule a shoot, show up, capture what's there, and pat ourselves on the back for our genius, but what goes into the shoot before we schedule it can be just as important to the end result as what we do with our lights or our camera. Let's look at an example from my work for Lifetime. No lights. No reflectors. Just color.

How to Create Beautiful Baby Portraits Using Natural Light in Your Own Garage

If you don’t have a ton of fancy lighting gear at home, this doesn’t mean that you can’t produce gorgeous studio-style images. This in-depth video tutorial shows you how to get great results using minimal equipment from the comfort of your own garage and dives deep into how they're edited in Lightroom.