Amazing Hyperlapse Video of Los Angeles Filmed with Simple Camera Setup

Hyperlapse has been around for a while now, and you can even film some pretty sweet stuff on your smartphone, but you have got to check this beautiful video out. Using a simple camera setup, Vadim Tereshchenko wants everyone to know if you want to do hyperlapse, you can!

The L.A.-based photographer has been exclusively shooting hyperlapse for the past two years, which is how long it took him to shoot this video. Tereshchenko originally started shooting hyperlapse videos as a hobby, and says he failed the first couple of times. Then it clicked. Now he shoots a lot of his hyperlapse videos for companies such as VH1, AMC, and L.A. LIVE. I guess practice really does make perfect.

Unlike Instagram or other apps' hyperlapse, Tereshchenko shoots his time-lapses the good old fashioned way: frame by frame. Shooting this way allows the quality of the images to be much higher, and as you can see from the video it pays off. But he warns to be sure to have a couple hard drives for all that space you will use shooting raw images. He uses a Canon 5D Mark IICanon 17-40mm f/4 lens, and tripod, but the magic happens in After Effects. I mean did you see those amazing transitions? Five seconds of video time often translates into almost five hours of editing to match and stabilize clips and transitions. All of us video editors feel you bro.

Tereshchenko relies heavily on The Photographers Ephemeris (TPE), which is a pretty cool app if you need to track the sun or stars (if you're an astrophotographer, this app will help you tons). While anyone is able to shoot hyperlapse, it is not for the faint of heart. You have to be totally concentrated on what you're shooting and where the light is moving over the hours. It takes a lot of time to shoot hyperlapse videos well, and if you're not willing to put the time into it, then it just simply won't work.

I made this video because I wanted to show all capabilities of this technology and that you can have only DSLR camera, tripod, and laptop and be able to create something very beautiful.

Check out some more of Tereshchenko's work on his Vimeo and Instagram.

What apps or gear do you use to shoot hyperlapse?

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Mark Scott's picture

Anyone have any tips on how to achieve those transitions in after effects? or the name of the technique?

Joonas Nieminen's picture

Those are simple scale and opacity animations combined with blur or glow effects. The shots are chosen to be similiar and the anchor point is placed in the same spot so that sells the effect of a transformation between shots and locations.

Mark Scott's picture

Thanks Joonas! i will look into those.

Matthew Roharik's picture

Loved this!

Anonymous's picture

I grew up in Los Angeles and I can assure anyone that the city never looked as good as it did in this timelapse...

Alexis Cuarezma's picture

that's amazing work. My question is how is he getting those smooth pans with just a tripod and no slider? If he's moving the tripod inch by inch then yeah, the stabilizing in post will be a pain!! A long render. amazing editing and images.

Chelsey Rogers's picture

I was thinking the same thing and he told me he only used a tripod!! I couldn't imagine; I know you need patience, but his is next level!

Chelsey Rogers's picture

I totally agree, I was getting sick of seeing time-lapse until I saw this, and now it's making me want to experiment with AfterEffects... so well done!!

John Skinner's picture

I've seen a lot of these done, probably more than one should have to see.

But this was really well done period. I've not seen this quality of work out of studios that do this for a living. His choice of soundtrack was nail on the head spot on, timing, sequence changes, all of it.

This fella could make a ton of dosh if he's exposed and marketed well enough. The general public hasn't, and will not get enough of this type of thing for a long time to come. Hell, this could have been in part, or, whole an opening sequence for a reality show out in L A.... Imagine what buddy could produce using top shelf gear.

Chelsey Rogers's picture

As of right now he has 169K views in five days on this video, and he has licensed a lot of his stuff to TV shows, I think we are just seeing the beginning of his career take off!

Lee Morris's picture

This is so awesome. I can't imagine this is easy to reproduce