U.S. Election Have You Down? Watch This 10K Panoramic Time-Lapse of L.A. Instead

What do you get when you combine over two years of shooting, extensive location-scouting, two Canon 5D Mark III cameras, and a very ambitious time-lapse photographer? You get just over six minutes of breathtaking panoramic time-lapse footage coming in at a remarkable 10K by 4K resolution. If this amazing time-lapse video from Photographer Joe Capra doesn't take your mind off of the election for a few minutes, nothing will.

The noteworthy footage was shot over a two-year period throughout the city of Los Angeles, California. Shot in true panoramic form using two synced cameras side-by-side, stitching the resulting panoramic time-lapse footage together creates stunning 10K by 4K resolution.

Capra, a Los Angeles, California-based photographer, created a huge list of potential locations that he and his team wanted to shoot for this project. For every location on the list, he would first visit in person to see if he could actually get the shot he was looking for. On several occasions, he would have a specific shot in mind and then get to the location only to find there was no way to capture it or that the shot did not really work well as a panorama. 

Nothing about shooting this project was simple (or inexpensive). He needed two identical cameras (Canon 5D Mark IIIwith the exact same settings, identical lenses (Canon 24-70mm24-105mm, and 70-200mm), and the cameras needed to be in sync and maintain sync throughout the shots. On many of the shots, Joe states that he had to manually ramp exposure to go from day to night.

This is tricky just on one camera; imaging trying to deal with two and keeping all settings in sync.

Post-processing proved to be very time-consuming and labor-intensive, he admits, going on to mention that he shot a total of 16 TB of data, which of course required an additional 16 TB for backups.

As with photography in general, it is all about timing, weather, and light, so Joe and his team had to make multiple visits to all the locations to get compelling shots. Often, shots would fail, so the team would have to re-shoot. Joe says that once he captured what he wanted, he would then head back to the office and start the post-production and processing for each session, which he admits took the most amount of time. 

For more from Capra, visit his website and Facebook.

Images provided with permission from Joe Capra

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Incredible! Simply stunning!

So So rad. I wish my brain had patience to even try to learn and attempt how to do this.

I admire his dedication, for sure!

Stunning! I wish I had a 10K screen on which to view it. The detail is incredible, I could even pick out my wife's house in some of the scenes shot from the Griffith Park Observatory. Just incredible.

Its just FullHD if you haven't noticed :)


i see just fullHD on vimeo or youtube. where is the 10k video? Give me the link to 4k at least :)

I'm sure I'll be in the minority here but, while visually stimulating, it wasn't particularly interesting due to the, perhaps necessary, repetitive scene types. There were a few standout scenes but too few. Also, music makes these things and the sound track just got on my nerves. I tried turning it off but that was worse. I settled on turning it way down. In the end, I had to stop it at around three minutes.

Mr. negative pants :)~

"I may not know art but I know what I like." :-)

Just out of curiosity, why would you vote down an opinion that I acknowledged wouldn't be popular?

Touchè ;)

definitely mind boggling

The election had me down until 3am that morning.
Been up ever since.