Kaleidoscopic Time-Lapse Video Looks Like Another World

Time-lapse photographer Michael Shainblum has created a unique and visually stunning video utilizing flipped and mirrored versions of his footage in a kaleidoscopic type fashion. The movement and attention to detail are done very well with the accompanying music.

Please note the video comes with the following warning due to the flashing lights and quick transitions:

Warning:  This video may potentially trigger seizures for people with photosensitive epilepsy. Viewer discretion is advised.

This is not the first time Shainblum has published a video mind-bending time-lapse video. A video called "Mirror City" made its way around the web about five years ago and featured some similar concepts. This time with "The Wormhole" the entire piece has a more refined and polished look.

It appears that by mirroring the visuals in quadrants, Shainblum is able to maintain perfect symmetry giving an almost Wes Anderson feel to the video. The evolution of the shapes remain very pleasing to the eye throughout and the music does a great job of captivating you and adding to its overall quality.

Shainblum uses a technique called hyper-lapse which basically involves capturing a time-lapse sequence while the camera travels slowly on a motorized track so the vantage point slightly changes. It makes for really amazing and organic looking scenes. In this video, he skillfully combines these hyper-lapses with some overhead video in a seamless and fitting manner. 

You may recognize parts of the scenes in this alternate reality as it includes captured footage from Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle, New York City, Las Vegas, Dubai, Doha, Singapore, and Shanghai. The surrealism achieved in this video is beyond impressive. I look forward to seeing Shainblum explore this idea more.

Michael B. Stuart's picture

Michael B. Stuart is a photographer at Stu Stu Studio in Lewiston, New York. Besides shooting weddings with his wife Nicole his specialties include long exposure, abstract monochrome creations, architecture, and bokeh. Work has been featured online by Adobe, Flickr, Google, and 500px with the most popular photo receiving over 950 million views.

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This is totally awesome (and quiet hypnotic)

Thanks Fred!

Thanks so much for sharing Michael!

Keep up the amazing work man! Congrats on the Nikon partnership btw. Great to see talent properly recognized.

Stunning work Michael !

Very nice! I love it!!!