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Will Upcoming MacBook Pros Bring USB Ports Back?

As much as Apple's computers have led innovation in design, they also may have taken the minimalist approach too far with all their recent models only offering USB-C ports.

How Our Community Made Senior Photos Happen During COVID

Our local high school had an idea to get senior photos taken for the young adults that have been working their whole life to achieve something, only to have it turn into an afterthought overshadowed by a serious global pandemic.

The 15 Best NEOWISE Comet Photos We Could Find

A few weeks ago, I read some news about the rare NEOWISE Comet passing by Earth and being large and clear enough to see with your naked eye. I got up, went outside, and looked up to a bunch of cloud cover. Luckily for me and all of you, we can always hit up Instagram and Facebook for great photos other photographers captured.

How to Make Your Own Low-Budget YouTube Studio

If you have ever said to yourself that making a YouTube video looks easy, you aren't wrong. If you want it to look good, though, there are some steps you should take to ensure your video is up to par and pleasing to the viewer.

5 Quick Tips for Photographing Sand Dunes With Michael Shainblum

Michael Shainblum creates some breathtaking landscape work and is kind enough to share his knowledge with those looking to up their game. Watch this video for some helpful tips on capturing one of his favorite subjects, the challenging yet beautiful sand dunes.

Impossible Hockey Portraits Taken From Below the Ice

When an idea goes beyond what is possible, sometimes you need to create your own reality. Learn how the photographer for and NHL team got below the ice for a fresh perspective and created some very cool portraits.

When Adorable Animals Find the Spy Camera

One good thing that has come from this awful situation is that the animal kingdom has come out of hiding. See how these hidden spy cameras were discovered in the cutest way by some curious creatures.