When Adorable Animals Find the Spy Camera

One good thing that has come from this awful situation is that the animal kingdom has come out of hiding. See how these hidden spy cameras were discovered in the cutest way by some curious creatures.

Canada's public broadcasting network, CBC, published a video featuring a number of animals intuitive enough to notice something not quite right about their surroundings. Deep in the wild forests of Quebec, these hidden spy cams were noticed and then given quite the show.

Take a moment to kick back and forget about your stress. Let these fun videos full of nature's youth and unfiltered curiosity brighten your day.  My favorite is the sea lion that bumps right into the camera with the fresh fish catch in their mouth.

This video is included on a growing playlist Relaxing Spring and Nature Scenes that acts as a very soothing set of clips to help you connect with some of our planets less human-centric aspects of life. I know that since isolation has started, my wife and I have enjoyed watching all the nature outside our own home by way of bird feeders. There is something truly rewarding about slowing down and disconnecting that I hope lasts well beyond this pandemic situation. 

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