Automotive Filmmaker Shares Behind the Scenes of Viral Super Car Video

When you decide to make a video with one of the world's best professional drivers on a closed track showing off the power of a supercar, you make sure to do it right and spare no expense.

Automotive filmmaker Al Clark shared a detailed behind the scenes look at the making of a viral video shared a couple of years ago, where a Bugatti Chiron goes from zero to 400 kilometers per hour, then back down to zero in 42 seconds.

It all happened in Ehra-Lessien, Germany at a Volkswagen test track facility. Clark's vision demanded some big-budget tools to get the final result they were looking for. You can't really have another vehicle involved that can keep up with such demanding speed specifications. There are also a number of factors going against just throwing a drone in the air or using a fixed camera on the car. In the end, Clark delivered on portraying the Bugatti in a very powerful light.

The viral video itself was viewed over 40 million times, and Clark states this number gets closer to 100 million when all the social media shares are taken into account.

I have a few Bugatti supercars, Of course, I mean in Gran Turismo Sport on my Playstation 4. Heck, my Honda is still in the shop. Let me know what you think of the video. I loved it!

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Dave McDermott's picture

I've always loved that video of the Chiron. Very interesting to see how it was shot.