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How to Shoot Vehicle Rollers and Make Vehicles Look Fast

Have you ever tried to sell a vehicle that was a little past its prime? It may not have a lot going for it, but using the “car roller” technique could make that vehicle look as awesome as the day it rolled off the lot.

How to Photograph a Car Outside, but Make It Look Like a Studio

Car photography is a lot of fun and can be highly dynamic, but it represents one of the hardest products to photograph in a studio environment. Not only do you need a large studio that a car can be driven into, but you need huge lights to evenly light the car too. Or do you?

How to Take Rolling Shots of Cars

If you've ever wanted to take a photograph of a car that has motion to it, you may have noticed it's not often straightforward. In this video, go behind the scenes of a rolling car shoot to see how it's done.

How to Fake the Panning Effect in Adobe Photoshop

Panning photography has a few uses, but it's most commonly seen in motorsport. It's a tricky technique to get the most out of and on occasion, it's not even possible. In those situations, perhaps you can fake it instead.

A Full Edit Walkthrough of Light Painting a Porsche

Light painting might be a staple technique most photographers try and learn early on in their time with their first camera, but it has occasional commercial applications. One of the best examples of that is automotive photography. In this video, see an edit of a light-painted Porsche from start to finish.

How to Fake a Sunset With Flash Photography Using Gels

You can't control the weather, but you can control what the weather looked like. In this video, go behind the scenes of this shoot with a beautiful Porsche 911 GT3 RS and how one photographer made an overcast day look like an epic sunset.

Generate a Sense of Speed With Path Blur in Photoshop CC

If you've ever wanted to inject a sense of speed into your automotive photos but haven't quite nailed the camera settings, then don't worry, because you can edit in some dynamic motion blur to your images with these simple techniques with Photoshop CC.

Shooting One Light Commercial Car Photography in London

Even if commercial car photography is not your thing, there is always something to learn from seeing professionals on a shoot. Especially when the results are this impressive and the gear used was minimal.

Van Life and Landscape Photography Equal Opportunity

As a full-time van dweller and landscape photographer, I’ve come to appreciate the virtues of the pairing. The ability to park up in comfortable accommodations near or at your desired shooting location is tremendously valuable. To do this daily is invaluable.

Evolution of Car Chase Scenes in Movies

Car chase scenes in movies have come a long way since the early days of cinema. Let's dive into how things have changed from Buster Keaton movies, through the rear projection era, right up to modern purpose-built rigs for complex scenes in today's blockbusters.

Adding a Vehicle to the Shot in a Different Color

Sometimes, everything doesn't line up and you have to add an object, or in this case, an entire vehicle to the shot that was never there to begin with. How would you add an object in a completely different color to your scene?

What It Looks Like to Be A Commercial Drone Pilot During COVID-19

While we all adjust to these ongoing changes, it is interesting to see how different types of photographers and videographers have successfully adapted and continued their craft. Being a commercial drone pilot often requires a small team, and that team is often a part of a larger production. With film and video production studios beginning to get back to work, what it looks like behind the scenes on set is going to be different.

A Start to Finish Tutorial on Light Painting a Car

Light painting a car can be tricky to get right and difficult to know exactly what steps to take in camera. This video shows you the complete process, from garage space through to finished (and frankly brilliant) image.

What Does It Take to Photograph a Car in Studio?

Photographing cars is no small task — literally. Their size makes them trickier to photograph than a lot of other subjects, requiring more lights, more space, and a range of other adjustments and considerations to create a successful shot. This interesting video shows you what it takes to photograph a car in a studio.

10 Things a Motorsports Photographer Couldn't Live Without

This week I spoke with professional motorsports photographer Drew Gibson to find out what 10 things he couldn't live without in his camera bag. With clients such as Aston Martin and Top Gear, Drew certainly knows his way around motorsports photography.

Photographing the New Tesla Roadster Diecast

I'd love to shoot the new Tesla Roadster, but being that it's going to cost a quarter-million and it's not even for sale yet, that wasn't a possibility. I got the next best thing, the official Tesla Roadster diecast model.

How Good Is Fujifilm's Budget X-A5 Camera?

The Fujifilm X-A5 is remarkably cheap, coming in at just $499 including a widely respected kit lens, making for inexpensive entry into the popular X Series. But can it hold its own against its more powerful siblings and will it stand up to the demands of a professional photographer? This great review will answer just that question for you.

Shooting Photography and Video for Yourself, or Shooting to Make Money?

The business of photography is unique in a specific way like few other careers are. Many people that call themselves professional photographers are also hobbyists that love to shoot whether they get paid for it or not. Is that a gift or a bonus to calling photography your career or is it an affliction?

The Stunning Images of Formula 1 and How the Pros Do It

Formula 1 photography has every right to be bland; the scope of what can and can’t be done at first seems like it would be limiting and result in the same looking shot of the cars over and over again. The pros that shoot trackside, however, have no intention of fitting into the mold.

Crash Test Photography: Capturing the Impact in Slow Motion

A freshly released video from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) is giving insight into how the organization photographs its respected crash tests, which it conducts on behalf of car insurance companies.

How to Make Your Car Photography Look Like This

Car photography is a sharp learning curve, with the incline coming primarily in post-production. A tutorial like this can save you incredible amounts of time learning techniques.

How to Create Smoke Easily in Photoshop

Using smoke in photo shoots has been popular recently, but adding a smoke effect in Photoshop has a longer history, and it is easier than you think.

How I Photographed Two Racing Cars With Only Two Strobes

An agency I work with for product photography hired me to photograph not one, but two race cars. I had already photographed motorbikes, but cars was going to be the first time. With cars the problems are almost always bigger: the surfaces are bigger, the reflections are bigger, the areas to be illuminated are bigger. Everything is bigger.

An Inside Look at What It's Like to Photograph a Prestigious Motorsport Event

If you think that photographing Total 24 Hours Spa has anything to do with cucumber slices and a hot stone massage, then you are very wrong indeed. I will say, however, that when you finish photographing one of these endurance races you might need 24 hours in a spa. Have look at this fascinating short documentary to find out more.

How to Shoot Car Interiors With Light Painting

Light painting has been a common method for automotive photography, but it is mostly demonstrated on car exteriors. On the other hand, shooting the interior of a car, by using the light painting method can give really good results that can be qualified as a high-end image. In this video, Moe Zainal shows his process from start to finish, including the retouching.

Five Ways to Get Paid Without Photographing Portraits

In a saturated market of incoming photographers each holiday or tax season, it is easy to get discouraged when you are trying to get paid clients in the door. When we think of photography sessions we generally tend to lean on the idea of photographing only people in portraits. Families, boudoir, fashion, and even underwater sessions. With so many other creative ways out there to get paid why not tap into another resource for marketing?

Eight Tips for a Car Rolling Shoot

Automotive rolling shots are great way of capturing cars on the road and in action to give viewers the feeling of speed. Moe Zainal is a professional automotive photographer from Bahrain, and in this video, he shares his tricks that he uses while working.

 Using a DJI Mavic Pro to Light Paint a Tesla

San Diego, California, content creator Aldryn Estacio of Flytpath, and photographer Spencer Pablo wanted to collaborate together on a fun project. And what would be more fun than using a light equipped drone to light paint a pair of great looking, matte black Teslas at night?

Tips on Capturing Successful Light Passes in Automotive Light Painting

There are several different ways to light your subject in photography. While light painting isn't a new or exclusive technique within automotive photography, it is a fundamental technique car photographers should understand how to use. If you are new to light painting or never used this technique to photograph a vehicle, you may have some questions on where to begin.

Motorsports: An Interview With Photographer Larry Chen

I recently spent three days in Ensenada shooting with the talented TEMPT Media crew during the Baja 1000. On the second night while unwinding at our Airbnb, in walks a guy with three beefy rigs with all the lenses wrapped in gaff tape, underneath what would appear to be a layer of dust that most normal human beings wouldn’t subject their Canon 1DXs to.

Stranger Lamborghini: BTS of a Pepper Yandell 'Stranger Things' Project

NO SPOILERS HERE! Just in case you were worried. They say inspiration can come from anywhere, and I have to say that definitely couldn't be more true. For one photographer, it came in the form of one his favorite TV Shows. Commercial automotive photographer Pepper Yandell took his work with automotive photography and digital retouching, and combined it with imagery and concepts from the Netflix Series "Stranger Things" to make a truly unique photograph featuring one Lamborghini, and a monster from the show.

Photographer Has a Close Call With Flipping Car

When using a camera on a race track it's best to be cautious, and in this case really lucky. What looks like a back woods rally circuit, there are a multitude of onlookers and spectators for the day's racing. We see the number 50 car becomes airborne on a ramped corner in the beginning of the video, and while attempting to hold the line over compensates for the turn and careens toward a camera man pitched at the end of the inside of the turn.

Multi-Million Dollar Shootout and How I Created the Winning Photo

A few weeks ago, I came across a post on social media from the Jônt about a shoot out contest inside a staged multi-million dollar estate which piqued my interest. Reading more about the shootout, it would be geared toward several different genres of photographers, as they would have vendors on site providing food, drinks, cars, and models at our disposal for the shoot out. First, you had to submit your info along with your portfolio to be one of the selected photographers to join the contest, I figured I would go ahead and throw my name into the hat and see what would happen.

Fstoppers Interviews One of the Creative Industry's Hardest Working CEOs

There's a lot more to creating unique and edgy content than keeping a camera fixed to your face. From eating scrumptious tacos and filming rock-busting, high-horsepower off-road race trucks in Baja, Mexico to cruising the scenic Rubicon Trail in the Sierra Nevada creating content for some of the motorsport industry's biggest names, it's all in a week's work if you're Matt Martelli, the creative director and CEO of one of the fastest growing media companies on the U.S. West Coast, Mad Media.

Could Your Next Street Photography Camera Be a Volvo?

New cars have cameras everywhere – in addition to the almost-ubiquitous backup cameras that will be required standard equipment on all new cars next year, newer cars have front-facing cameras that enable a host of safey-related features. But what if you could use that camera for photography? Turns out that you can, with a little bit of ingenuity and some hacking from Volvo engineers.

Use These Smart Phone Car Photography Tips

There are many professional photographers specializing in automotive photography who would find this disturbing. It's really possible to create professional looking images using your smart phone. All you need to add is a tripod, ND filter, and some post production to give your images something special.