How to Get The YouTube Video Look in Just 7 Easy Steps

Have you ever thought about starting a YouTube channel and needed to build a set to film your videos on? In this video, take some advice from the experts and learn how to craft the perfect YouTube video setup.

With everyone stuck at home in quarantine, the thought of starting a YouTube channel has become a lot more popular these days. But, before starting, you have to establish a place where you will be filming your videos. This can look different for everyone. A YouTube background could be your bedroom, living room, or even a dedicated studio, but no matter what background you choose, it should not be distracting. 

To help you get started, Eric Lombart, who is an accomplished cinematographer and set designer for major YouTube personalities, joins the set of Indy Mogul’s channel for the day. In this video, Lombart walks through how he takes an ordinary living room, and turns it into a pro looking option to film YouTube videos.

One of the most helpful tips Lombart discusses is how to use basic set design to take a set from looking sloppy, to being a non distracting and compelling background. When I look at an aesthetically pleasing image, I like to look for natural framing of the subject, and make sure that the background compliments them. When setting up the shot, especially if I'm going for the modern YouTube look, I make sure that no area of my frame goes dark or empty. One way to keep all areas of the frame evenly lit, is by including practicals like a lamp, or placing an object like a plant to fill the space in and give it a pop of color.

What does your YouTube setup look like? 

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Eli Dreyfuss is a professional portrait photographer based in sunny Miami, Florida. He focuses on making ordinary people look like movie stars in his small home studio. Shortly after graduating high school he quickly established himself in the art world and became an internationally awarded & published artist.

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