These Time Lapses of Flowers Blooming Are Mesmerizing

Majo Chudy set up a small studio in his home using grow lights and some blankets to capture perfectly lit time-lapses of flowers blooming. As you might imagine, it wasn't quite as easy as it sounds. 

This three-minute video took six months to film. He used a Nikon D5100 and D5200 to capture images every one-to-two minutes. Some flowers, like the dandelion, bloomed relatively quickly, while others, like the Orchid, took up to 65 hours. In post, Majo was able to create consistent bloom times and add camera movements. The final product is a stunning 4K video that looks as good as anything I have ever seen on National Geographic. 




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Christian Berens's picture

That's amazing! Reminds me of planet earth stuff! Home DIY at its finest!

charles warren's picture

Sometimes, you've got to stop and look around...