Reviewing the Dynamic Range and 4K Video Quality of the New iPhone 6s

Recently, PRO EDU posted video reviews of the new iPhone 6s, which is getting major attention for its new video capabilities, namely its ability to record 4K video. In these two video reviews, PRO EDU takes a look at the dynamic range and stabilization ability of the new phone, as well as its overall video quality. PRO EDU, known for their video tutorials on photography topics, uses the iPhone on productions regularly, as I experienced firsthand, during the filming of the Dani Diamond Portrait Tutorial in my hometown of New Orleans.

In this first video above, you can experience the RGunwrapping and first impressions of the iPhone 6s Plus, as well as the video quality impressions. You will also get to see use of the built-in time-lapse feature in conjunction with 4K video. Getting to see the video imported into Adobe Premiere Pro gives good insight on the quality and usability of the iPhone's video features.

You can also preview 4K video from the iPhone 6s during this PRO EDU video that spoofs MTV's "Cribs."

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Ivan Astigarraga's picture

so I will be coming back in a few month after all these iReviews stops.

Doc Pixel's picture

So you plan on sticking your head in the sand until then, only to pop it back out in a month to find that the revolution that these devices bring to a professional's bag of tricks is still going on without YOU?

You could also ignore these posts (ones that offend you) and just click on the ones your interested in too and keep on learning new tricks of the trade. Nah! What the heck...stick it in deep!

Alex Xander's picture

Dude, it's a phone. Just because it shoots 4k doesn't make it professional.

Doc Pixel's picture

And just because someone has professional gear and calls themselves a pro... does not make them one.

Your comment was seriously out of focus.

Spy Black's picture

Silly people spending all that money on professional gear when they can just use their iPhones...

David Walters's picture

When they get into editing in Premiere, can someone walk me through what the very top bar is where they pulled up a color section and it was almost like a color workspace? The bar has the tabs assembly, editing, color, effects, audio, and editing. I'm an avid user of Premiere and am fascinated to what this could be. THANKS!

Castor Niemad's picture

I appreciate the review. Quick note on the 1920x1080, 3840x2160 ratio confusion, without going into too much detail. 1920x1080 is called HD. UHD or 3840x2160, maintains the same 16:9 aspect ratio as 720 HD or 1080 HD, and is called 4K because when you multiply the vertical and horizontal pixel counts, 3840x2160 you get roughly 8,294,400 pixels, which is 4 times what you get when you multiply 1920x1080. Or 2,073,600 pixels. So, it is four times the resolution as 1080HD. Blurting out pixel dimensions can get annoying to everyone but video professionals, so I assume HD, UHD 4K, 4K, 5K, and so forth, help a bit. Thanks again guys.