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Austin Rogers
Columbus, OH
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Austin Rogers joined Fstoppers in 2014. Austin is a Columbus, OH editorial and lifestyle photographer, menswear aficionado, and pseudo-bohemian.

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Your F100 article inspired me to shoot film. My Nikon F100 arrives today!!! Quick question, your article says back button focus is possible on the F100. What do I need to do to make this happen on my F100?

Thanks so much for your time!


Aaron Brown said I should hit you up about posting another Analog episode to Fstoppers. The link is below, let me know if you need any behind the scenes shots of our shoot. Thanks man!

Matt Mangham

When you get some Canon film reviews up, I shoot with the A-1 and F-1N and have images with each.

Hey Austin I saw your Casey Neistat article and found it interesting since I watch his vlogs regularly and was equally as surprised when he trashed the cam.

So, I have a Canon 70D and have been running into the same problem. Unfortunately, I'm a teenager and trashing a $1,000 camera, and getting a new one isn't exactly in my budget. I need a good SD card, a great one. You said in your article that you had a few that would not fail on the 70D, and I'm not asking for any, but the names and types of cards would help me out tremendously.

I'm 16 years old and just starting to get into film and making my own movies, and I need to be able to shoot video for longer than 50 seconds without it crashing on me. Thanks so much.


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You needed a post here, so now I've done that for you. Invoice sent.

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PM me your paypal. ;) I need to step up my game on here. Hopefully I'll get some stuff uploaded this weekend.