Video Interview With Award Winning War Photojournalist Ziv Koren

Israeli photojournalist Ziv Koren is one of the most successful photojournalists in the world and mostly known for his unique/striking Arab-Israeli conflict images. In the past 25 years he won multiple prestigious international awards and captured some iconic news photos we all know and appreciate. Recently Jared Polin sat down with him in his studio in Israel for a very interesting 45-minute video interview that you won't want to miss. [Interview starts at 1:16:30]

Ziv started his career as an army photographer at the IDF, and that role is what made him fall in love with photojournalism. Later he worked as staff photographer for the biggest newspaper in Israel and also as the personal photographer for the Israeli Prime Minister and the Israeli President. In the past decade Ziv shot for Gamma and Polaris photo agencies and is a Canon Ambassador (Yes, he was the first in the world to use the 1DX).

Ziv Koren is known for his unique angles and amazing access to locations and people no one else in this business is able to get. Since age 18 when he started shooting news, he captured many interesting historic moments - from the earthquake in Haiti to suicide bombed buses in Israel. His images are striking and you should definitely go check his portfolio and see some of his amazing work (NOTE: some of the images can be difficult to see and process, including dead people and unpleasant visuals).

In this interview Ziv talks about his life as a photojournalist, about his views about photo-retouching and about professionalism. He shares tons of inspirational and interesting thoughts and you should take the time and watch it all. For those of you who prefer getting the interview as MP3 to listen on your way to your next photoshoot, you can download the FroKnowsPhoto RAWtalk Podcast right here.

[Via Fro Knows Photo]

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One of the photographers who influenced me the most. thank you Ziv.

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Focus on his great (really really great) interview with Ziv. If you like Ziv, you're going to love this interview. No need for personal attacks here...