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Creating Photos That Buyers Want To Buy

A buyer wants to be inspired by your work and envision it on their walls. There are many variables as to why someone is purchasing a piece of art, but these three suggestions may help you make a sale.

Creating Engaging Behind-the-Scenes Content for Your Business

You've probably heard that short behind-the-scenes videos can be a great marketing tool. They show potential clients what it’s like to work with you and highlight your production levels. Let's dive into how to create these videos effectively.

U.S. Sues Adobe for Hidden Fees and A Confusing Cancellation Process

It hasn't been a good couple of weeks for software giant Adobe. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is suing the company for violations of U.S. consumer protection laws, what it deems "hidden termination fees" and an overly complicated process to cancel your Adobe services. The complaint centers around Adobe's Creative Cloud offering, which bundles various software products.

Is Photography Worth It in 2024

Is becoming a professional photographer worth it these days, especially in 2024? I asked myself this question in 2023 every other day, as it was one of the most difficult years since I had become a professional photographer over ten years earlier.

A Week in the Life of a Full-Time YouTuber

Becoming a full-time YouTuber — or really any content creator — is the dream of many. Although I've never had any aspirations to do it per sé, I can't deny I find myself envious at times. So, could you really do it?
5 Key Strategies for Growing a Profitable Photography Business

Building a profitable photography business involves more than just taking great pictures. It requires strategy, versatility, and sometimes thinking outside the box. Here are five essential tips to help you grow your business effectively.

How Committing To a Routine Can Make You a Better Artist

When you are trying to build yourself into the artist you want to be, a little ordinary can help you do the extraordinary.

As I’m sitting down to write this, I’ve just had a quick peek over at the clock in the upper right-hand corner of my screen. It has just rounded 5:43 am, and I’ve already been at work long enough to have long forgotten about the sleep I wiped from my eyes when I rolled out of bed. To some, this might seem like an early time. Others might be wondering why I slept in so late. The exact time on the clock isn’t important. What is important is that this...

How To Survive Technological Changes as an Artist

With new technology being invented seemingly every day with the power to upend our profession, it’s easy to become despondent about the future of our art form. Luckily, there is one fundamental advantage we hold which cannot be engineered out of existence.

Essential Steps to Photography Business Success

Starting a photography business can be a rewarding experience, allowing you to turn your passion into a source of income. But where do you begin? There are essential steps to take, from acquiring the right gear to establishing a strong online presence.

Winning Bids: A Photographer's Guide to Estimating Projects

The ability to accurately estimate project costs is a crucial skill that directly impacts profitability and client satisfaction. A well-crafted estimate not only ensures you're adequately compensated for your time and expertise but also sets clear expectations with your clients, fostering trust and professionalism.

The Real Cost of Owning a Photography Studio: More Than Just Money

As a photographer, you've likely dreamed of having your own dedicated studio space. It's easy to imagine the creative freedom and professional image that comes with a studio, but the reality involves much more than just taking pictures. Understanding the full scope of owning or renting a studio is crucial before taking the plunge.

Building a Photography Business: Essential First Steps

Establishing a successful photography business requires more than just taking beautiful pictures. It demands careful planning, organization, and efficient workflows to attract clients, deliver exceptional service, and ultimately, thrive in a competitive market.

Common Photography Career Mistakes

Building a successful photography career requires more than just technical skills and a good eye. It also involves making smart decisions about your finances, time, and overall well-being. Learning from the mistakes of others can save you valuable resources and help you navigate the challenges of the industry.

Building Your Photography Brand on Instagram

In the age of digital portfolios and online presence, photographers need to go beyond stunning visuals to truly connect with their audience and secure bookings. Building a strong social media strategy, particularly on Instagram, is crucial to showcase your work, establish your brand, and attract potential clients.

Thriving, Not Just Surviving: Essential Tips for Photographers

The life of a professional photographer is often romanticized, but the reality is that it can be a demanding and stressful career path. From the pressure to constantly create to the financial instability that often comes with freelance work, there are many challenges that photographers face. However, there are also ways to find happiness and success in this field.

The Insane Prices Some Photographers Command

Understanding the pricing landscape in photography can be a daunting task for both emerging and seasoned photographers. The vast range of prices, from a simple potato image fetching millions to a seasoned professional receiving a few hundred dollars for a day's work, can leave many scratching their heads.

A Look Back at the Birth of Modern Sports Photography

Capturing the essence of athleticism and the thrill of competition has always been a driving force for sports photographers. But the landscape of this genre has undergone a dramatic transformation in recent years, evolving from isolated photo shoots to comprehensive media days involving entire teams and extensive production crews.

Discover the Blueprint for a Thriving Wedding Photography Empire Business

Building a successful wedding photography business from the ground up is a daunting task, but indispensable for those who wish to transform their passion for capturing love into a lucrative career. The steps to achieve this bear importance due to the competitive and saturated market of wedding photography, which demands a clear and innovative approach to thrive.

How Mindset Mastery Can Elevate Your Photography Business

Mastering photography involves much more than just technical skill; it requires an understanding of the psychological aspects that influence both the photographer and the audience. The mental game, often overlooked, plays a pivotal role in transforming good photographers into exceptional ones.

What's The Best Advice for Turning Pro as a Photographer?

We've all needed help on the path to becoming photographers. Did some great advice help get you there? Advice may help you out of a bind or may help you to understand something you can't quite get the hang of. Of course, advice may also lead you down the wrong road. So, once you receive advice, you have to determine the value of the guidance. Is it good or bad advice? I asked a few photography colleagues to share the best advice they've received on turning pro. I'd love to hear about good advice you've been given, or good advice you'd like to share on turning pro.

Debunking Photography Myths: A Realistic Look at the Profession

Photography as a profession is often met with skepticism and discouragement, overshadowed by warnings of financial instability and market saturation. Such pervasive negativity can deter aspiring photographers from pursuing their passion, despite the evolving opportunities within the industry.

Debunking the High-Cost Myth of Starting a Photography Business

Understanding the cost of entry into the photography industry is crucial for anyone considering this career path. Contrary to popular belief, starting a photography business may not be as prohibitive in terms of initial investment as often portrayed, if you play your cards right.

How Behind-the-Scenes Content Can Transform Your Photography Business

Exploring innovative marketing strategies is essential for any creative professional seeking to stand out in a crowded market. For those behind the lens, finding fresh ways to showcase their work and personality to potential clients has never been more critical.

Key Branding and Marketing Strategies for Photographers: Part 2

In Part 1 of this article, we discussed the competitive landscape that photographers face in today's digital age, where the easily accessible smartphones can challenge even the most skilled professionals to distinguish their work. Now, it's time to take those principles and build up an even stronger branding and marketing strategy.

Don’t Waste Your Time Posting on Social Media, Do This Instead

A few months ago, I wrote an article about how to get your website to the top of Google. I talked about the importance of search engine optimization, content strategies, keyword research, and search intent. If you put your SEO foundation in place following that article, you are ready to create content that will rank on Google.

Becoming a Successful Commercial Photographer: Insights from Industry Professionals

For aspiring commercial photographers, understanding the key factors that contribute to a thriving career is crucial. While technical skills and artistic talent are undoubtedly important, there are other essential elements that can make or break a photographer's success in the competitive world of professional photography.

Key Branding and Marketing Strategies for Photographers: Part 1

We live in a time where over a trillion photos are taken yearly, the photography landscape has never been more competitive. For us photographers, this means that simply capturing quality images isn't enough; effective marketing in today’s rapidly evolving digital age is the only real key to success.

Stop Wasting Your Money on Things You Don't Need

Choosing the right gear in photography extends beyond mere preference; it gets into the strategic selection of tools that profoundly affect the quality and focus of a photographer's work, as well as their bank account.

The Best Source Of Advice For Your Photography Career

In a world overwhelmed with photography advice on YouTube, Instagram, or even articles like this one, it can be hard to know whose guidance to trust when building your career. However, chances are, you may be overlooking the most valuable source of input that will always guide you in the right direction.

Maximizing Returns: A Professional Photographer's Guide to Smart Equipment Investment

Investing in the latest photographic equipment is a decision fraught with financial implications, one that every photographer must navigate carefully. The rapid depreciation of camera gear serves as a cautionary tale for photographers keen on maximizing their return on investment while still achieving professional results.

Would You Fall for These Seven Photography Scams? I Was Caught by One

You probably use or run photography businesses. Beware! There is a multimillion-dollar industry that runs solely to scam businesses and clients out of their hard-earned cash. Here are a few and how you should avoid them and why one of them caught me out.

Navigating the Shift to Professional Photography

Shifting careers to pursue a passion in photography is a path fraught with challenges and learning curves, as vividly shared by those who've transitioned to professional photography. Their experiences underscore the importance of passion-driven work and the common pitfalls awaiting new entrants into the photography business. This important video essay details seven such pitfalls.

Should You Start a Photography YouTube Channel?

Becoming a YouTube star is the dream of a lot of photographers, but the reality of it is often far different than the expectations. This fantastic video tells you what to expect.

Breaking the Low-Pay Cycle: Elevating Your Photography Career

Navigating the competitive field of photography requires more than just skillful handling of a camera; it demands a distinctive style and strategic self-marketing. This insightful video essay identifies common pitfalls that photographers face, shedding light on why some struggle to secure well-paying jobs, emphasizing the importance of specialization and effective branding in establishing a successful career.

How Not To Fail as a Photographer in 2024

Having a profitable photography business may seem especially difficult right now, but there is hope out there. By following this quick guide, you can give yourself the best possible chance of success in 2024.

The Reality of Professional Photography

Turning creativity into a business is a dream many photographers harbor. However, the journey from passion to profession is not as idyllic as it seems, presenting a unique set of challenges that are often overlooked in the glamorous portrayals of the photography business.

I Turned My Photography Passion Into My Career. Do I Regret it?

It’s safe to say we’ve all heard the phrase “love what you do and you’ll never work a day in your life.” There is also the antithesis to that, where if you love what you do, you’ll work 24/7. Well, I turned my passion for photography into my career, but the ultimate question is: does it feel like work, and do I regret my decision?

Exploring the Path to Starting a Photography Business in 2024

Navigating the complexities of starting a photography business in 2024 is a daunting task for many aspiring photographers. Understanding the state of the industry and strategizing for success amidst intense competition and technological disruptions is crucial for those looking to make a mark.