The Future of Making Money as a Creator

Many of us love creating photos or video but have a lot of trouble turning that passion into profit. It can be scary to think about what happens when you turn what you love into your job; will you still love doing it or will it just become a job? What if we lived in a world where we create exactly what we want and not sacrifice what we love while still making money?

Learn How To Ask

Very often it’s not the actual skill as a photographer that’s lacking, but rather the ability to ask and help someone solve a problem they have. In this video, Chris Do of Futur shares how you might be able to change your approach and thinking.

Is Email Marketing Profitable for Photographers?

If you're trying to build a profitable business, you've probably heard people say you need to build an email list and do email marketing. But is that really so? And what kind of time and resources does it take to actually create an email list? Let’s go through it all and see why I don’t think email marketing is really worth it.

Creating Corporate Portraits for the Busy Professional

Today’s corporate hard-hitters are busy people who don’t always have time for an entire photo session when they look to you for business portraits. For this reason, you must be prepared to accomplish a variety of looks in a time-efficient manner. This video from Jay P. Morgan of The Slanted Lens focuses on the importance of making short work of corporate portraits.